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Babe: The Legend Comes to Life (Fireside Sports Classics) I Swing Big, With Everything I Ve Got I Hit Big Or I Miss Big I Like To Live As Big As I Can Babe Ruth Babe Ruth Is Without A Doubt The Most Famous Character Ever Produced By The Sport Of Baseball A Legendary Player, World Famous For His Hitting Prowess, He Transcended The Sport To Enter The Mainstream Of American Life As An Authentic Folk Hero In This Extraordinary Biography, Noted Sportswriter Robert W Creamer Reveals The Complex Man Behind The Sports Legend From Ruth S Early Days In A Balti Orphanage, To The Glory Days With The Yankees, To His Later Years, Creamer Has Drawn A Classic Portrait Of An American Original This is a classic biography of the great bambino It is a touching but honest account of the man his faults and his triumphs The man who needed to be loved by everyone, but who may never have truly loved another is traced from his de facto abandonment by his parents Babe s zest for life and hedonistic ways seem to have had their genesis in the discipline and confinement of his years at St Mary s Home in Balti Once free from that atmosphere, Ruth displayed an ugly resentment to authority figures throughout his life He fought with owners, GM s, managers and anyone who tried to curb his quest for food, booze, and sex he even fought with teammates.To be frank, I found the stories of his excesses and boorish behavior to be disturbing He was indeed a man child for much of his life until his marriage to his second wife Claire.Many of the stories and incidents have been retold since 1975, the date of this publication, but there is still a lot to learn I learned the true reason or reasons for the falling out between Babe and Gehrig.I found the story behind Helen Ruth s death to be fascinating The last chapters, when Babe s career was over and he was manipulated or merely shooed away by owners who had made a fortune from him were very sad His dream to manage the Yankees or any other team never materialized Even a former teammate Bob Shawkey said Ruth couldn t manage himself, how could he manage an entire baseball team He may have had the chance but he mistakenly believed that Colonel Rupert would eventually give him that chance The book covers all the ground from the pitching star of Boston to the greatest hitter of all time in the hey day of Murderers Row You will marvel at the baseball feats of a man who actually got better from age 32 through 36 He didn t do it with steroids He did it with hot dogs and bicarbonate soda You may, like me, come away a bit sad when you learn about the man behind the legend, but you will also relish his accomplishments and the effect he had on the game of baseball that he loved so well. Of the 200 baseball books I ve read, Babe The Legend Comes to Life is my favorite Creamer wrote the book while some of the old timers were still alive, and this makes his story come to life If you want to learn about Babe Ruth, this is the definitive book to read. I really enjoyed this book It gave me a behind the scenes look at the greatest baseball player of all time Not only did I enjoy the baseball stories, but I also found the stories about the unique personality of ths man very amusing. Although filled with statistics, which aren t my favorite, this book is very well written The stats make it clear exactly how great an athlete the Babe was Most people, myself included, think of the Babe as a big home run hitter with a gut That s part of who he became but is far from who he really was When young, he was a lean, mentally tough pitcher who, almost as a bonus, was a decent batter and believe it or not he was a fast runner and good fielder But he was an enigma wrapped in a riddle, to steal the phrase Baseball aside, he was what people mean when they say, He was larger than life. This book is a must read for lifelong baseball fans, or for anyone with a strong sense of American history The history of baseball itself is inexorably entrenched in the fabric of American culture, and this book is worthy of being considered a historical work Not that the experience of reading it is like absorbing some boring textbook Babe The Legend Comes to Life reads very much like a completely honest and straightforward biography But than that, the book is full of rich detail about the state of baseball itself, It s inner workings, it s role in culture, and the state of the country as a whole, during the life and times of Ruth Rather than engage in a purely sentimentalist canonization of the man who is the ultimate baseball icon, the author allows you to meet the real Babe, and to revel in his real life idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, tribulations, joys, victories, defeats, the bright side of his character, along with his undeniable shortcomings This book will make you feel like you have met the Babe, and followed his career firsthand. This is an excellent biography and a quick read My complaints are 1 No pictures How can you write a biography of one of baseball s greatest players and not include photos 2 an entire chapter complete with footnotes, et al., of the did he really point to the outfield to where he was going to hit a home run Way discourse on a lesser facet of his life 3 we come to the end of his life and he s sick, he dies, the end The book really needed in depth on the Babe s later years outside Baseball Still, overall an enjoyable book. Well, this is a really good story The Babe had a complicated life and was able to rise above it all because of his baseball talent Not just a great hitter, but also a great pitcher His private life was, as you might have heard, somewhat calamitous During his relatively short life, he did it all with sports, money, women, alcohol, cars and good times He wanted to be loved and for the most part, he was It was sad at the end of his career, when he wanted to manage but none of the major league teams would trust him to run a club because of his past shenanigans.Highly recommended Great job by Robert Creamer You can also see him on the Ken Burns video of Baseball where he talks extensively about the Babe. Es gibt nicht viele Sportler, die interessant genug sind, dass man eine Biografie ber sie schreiben m sste Babe Ruth, den noch heute bald 100 Jahre nach seiner aktiven Zeit jedes Kind in Amerika und jeder Baseballinteressierte weltweit kennt Und dieses Buch zeigt warum er war ein gro er, leidenschaftlicher Sportler, und eine spannende Pers nlichkeit mit Ecken und Kanten Gerade heute, wo es im Sport oft nur nach um das gro e Gesch ft geht, findet man kaum noch Leute, ber die man auch noch nach ihrer aktiven Laufzeit reden wird Babe Ruth dagegen hat die Baseballwelt ver ndert und bleibt deshalb zurecht in Erinnerung Zudem ist die Biografie gut und unterhaltsam geschrieben.

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