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Ball Four: The Final Pitch As far as I m concerned, Ball Four is easily the best baseball book out there I ve read about 45 baseball books and nothing compares to Bouton s masterpiece I ve read this book four times and it still hasn t gotten old yet I m sure I ll read it at least ten times and I doubt that I will ever get tired of it What makes Ball Four better than any other baseball book is that it allows its readers to see the game from a player s perspective Never has a book given such an up close, in the locker room look at baseball Of course, Bouton himself is brilliant I love his sarcasm and his biting wit Ball Four might have been a pretty good book even if it had been written by a poor writer Bouton, though, is an excellent storyteller and his attitude is what shapes the book If you consider yourself a fan of the game, you will buy Ball Four immediately It has given me great joy time and time again. The Beloved Baseball Classic Now Available In Paperback, With An Updated Epilogue By Jim Bouton WhenBall Four Was First Published In , It Hit The Sports World Like A Lightning Bolt Commissioners, Executives, And Players Were ShockedSportswriters Called Author Jim Bouton A Traitor And Social Leper Commissioner Bowie Kuhn Tried To Force Him To Declare The Book Untrue Fans, However, Loved The Book And Serious Critics Called It An Important Social Document Today, Jim Bouton Is Still Not Invited To Oldtimer S Days At Yankee Stadium But His Landmark Book Is Still Being Read By People Who Don T Ordinarily Follow Baseball For The Updated Edition Of This Historic Book, Bouton Has Written A New Epilogue, Detailing His Perspective On How Baseball Has Changed Since The Last Edition Was Released Perhaps Jim Bouton himself says it best The books that have come after mine make BALL FOUR, as an expose, read like THE BOBBSEY TWINS GO TO THE SEASHORE.This is because dare I say it BALL FOUR is now pretty tame stuff Oh, no doubt, it s entertainingand Bouton IS a good writer or Schecter a great editor And let s never forget that WITHOUT it, we should never have had the pleasure of Dennis Rodman s name on a bestseller.But the book is hardly shocking any, and I doubt the high school toughs of today have even heard of it, much less decided to read it now, if MICHAEL JORDAN decided to write a tell all However, the diminished shock value makes BALL FOUR S merits stand out clearly than perhaps they could when it was new Though I wasn t shocked by it, I often found myself laughing Bouton has a way of sketching characters and dialogue quite entertainingly Too, being a bit of an outsider myself, I could certainly relate to his one rational voice crying out in the wilderness persona And the 1990 edition of the book has value in that Bouton is able to look back and see the results of the changes in baseball he and others worked toward.So, perhaps, the reader s enjoyment of BALL FOUR is in the approach Don t expect to be shocked or enraged that time is past Rather, expect four or five days of solid chuckles and a good feeling when you finish. I thought it was very funny when I first read it, but the attitude that he can trash so many other people is a little hard to take He apparently made no attempt to understand Mickey Mantle but felt okay about slamming him for drinking too much and yet wanted to make sure everyone knew he Bouton was a great guy for supporting civil rights and adopting a kid The book was an attempt to copy Instant Replay, but somehow Bouton and his editor thought it was okay to put in many negative comments about people who can t respond It s no wonder so many people in baseball hated him after this He seemed to think he was telling it like it was but to dump on teamates who can t respond is pretty low With friends like Bouton you don t need enemies I think he could have been just as funny without going out of his way to try to hurt people. I know nothing about Baseball, mainly because I am English, and I still know nothing about Baseball but this is one of the best sports books I have ever read Funny, moving, clever but mainly funny it is about a man struggling to get buy watching and involved with a load of others guys struggling to get by, they are allegedly on the same team but it is hard to tell I came to this book because of an English Soccer book Only a Game written by Emanon Dunphy Dunphy based his diary on Ball Four and I liked Only a Game so much I bought the original I recommend heartily Only a Game it has the same crazy, abrupt and crazily sporting relations that make Ball Four so revealing and funny but the original is still the best One of the few books I ve read where all I want to do is sit and read and the rest of the world can go hang. Wer ein wenig ber Baseball wissen will, dann ist er hier genau richtig Das Buch ist f r Kenner eine absolute Pflichtlekt re Sehr lesenswert This book is still selling almost thirty years after it was originally published That ought to tell you something.I first read it in 1975 as a rebellious teenager I found, and continue to find, Bouton s independent streak and courage to be admirable He refused to play along with the Neanderthals he mouthed off to bosses he loved the game and wanted to win and play well The type of person who could hold the above against him is the sort that is currently being parodied in Dilbert books.One thing about this book is that it is hilariously funny His account of his time with the old Portland Mavericks is as funny as his accounts of bullpen and locker room humour His style is highly readable and never boring.And goddess, how he loves the game of baseball And if you do, as well, and haven t read this book, you have a real treat ahead of you.

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