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Casey Stengel: Baseball's Greatest Character For those of youse growing up as Yankees his showmanship, and his catering to various sportswriters Yet we re always brought back to the great baseball mind Casey had He also talks about Casey s post managerial life and the long married life he had with his sometimes suffering wife, Edna.Many of Casey s mentioned quotes are priceless You could look it up.Though the book is 400 pages, its a fast read, not because it is facile but because of Mr Appel s breezy and enjoyable writing style.I take leave of this review with 3 words that will live in history, Let s Go Mets. From The New York Times Best Selling Author Of Munson And Pinstripe Empire, Casey Stengel Is The Definitive Biography Of Baseball S Greatest Character There Was Nobody Like Casey Before Him And No One Like Him Since For Than Years, Casey Stengel Lived Baseball, First As A Player He Was The Only Person In History To Play For All The New York Teams The Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, And Mets And Then As A Manager For The Yankees And Mets, Among Others He Made His Biggest Mark On The Game Revolutionizing The Role Of Manager While Winning An Astounding Pennants And Seven World Series Championships Including Five Straight With The Yankees Playing With And Against A Who S Who Of Cooperstown Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb And Forming Indelible And Sometimes Complicated Relationships With Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, And Billy Martin, Casey Stengel Was, For An Astonishing Five Decades, The Undisputed, Hilarious, And Beloved Face Of Baseball For A Man Who Spent So Much Of His Life In The Limelight, He Still Remains An Enigma New York Times Best Selling Author Marty Appel Paints An Intimate Portrait Of A Private Man Who Was Larger Than Life And Remains The Embodiment Of The National Pastime I grew up in the NY area towards the end of Stengel s Yankee career and was an active baseball fan when he took over the helm for the Mets I was never a huge Stengel fan as he seemed of a clown than a baseball genius so I was interested to read this book and to learn about the man who is legend At the close of the book, I set it aside with one thought Wow While it helps to be a baseball fan to get the most out of Appel s work, this book successfully works on many levels For me it was less about baseball and about a man and wife that lived a life they loved, faced adversity but persevered, and ultimately must have closed their lives without regret because they were able to live their lives focused on what they loved Stengel was very good at what he did for a living, loved the career that he chose, and shared it with a woman he adored.A wonderful, well written work by Marty Appel. Casey Stengel has been a hero of mine for many years He persisted in the face of numerous challenges read genuinely awful ball clubs , and he did so with humor and elan He loved baseball and gave it everything he had This new biography gives Stengel fans a chance to relive most of the choice anecdotes from his long, varied, storied career, but it offers little that is new The author justifies this new effort because an unpublished memoir written by Edna Stengel that was not available to other biographers was available to him Edna s notes reveal three truths 1 Edna reveled in the glory of being Mrs Casey Stengel 2 she and Casey actually spent very little time together throughout the course of their marriage, and 3 her declining years were even heart rending than was previously known to the public But with the exception of that third item, the other knowledge could be easily inferred from Robert Creamer s excellent and in this reviewer s opinion, superior biography, entitled Stengel His Life and Times That said, it s always a fun ride to revisit Casey, and I will credit Appel s version with one hilarious tidbit that I honestly did not know Stengel s first professional baseball club was nicknamed the Lunatics Give Appel a read and you ll see why that s fitting. This book is the complete story of Casey Stengel from his upbringing in Kansas City to his dominance of world of baseball in New York It is interesting to see how many great baseball players Stengel played with and managed over the years Once his glory days were over with the Yankees he helped rebuild interest in National League baseball in NewYork after two baseball teams left the city for the west coast The original Mets were love able because of the personality of Casey Stengel This book is a fascinating history of how one man dominated the sport of baseball over the years Casey Stengel was an ambassador for baseball and sports in general prior to ESPN and the MLB network This book makes it clear that there will never be another Casey Stengel in any sport This book is a must read for any sports fan and required reading for any Met or Yankee fan.

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