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Cracking the Amazon Interview: A Step by Step Guide to Land the Job Interesting read to see how is innovative to their interview process and bring forward creative people to the company thru their interviews They find a nice balance of analytical and creative thru this process from what the writer mentions and seems logical after reading the book Very exciting and better way to review thru principles and tie back to results and thinking. Guides you from start to finish with a heavy emphasis on interview preparedness Also includes helpful templates and other resources. Very good information about the interview process in which helps not only to crack interview but also helpful in cracking interviews in other Ivy leagues. Not sure about kindle edition but paper edition is garbage It s full of hyperlinks like here s a list, see this for Would be nice I guess if I can click the paper and get to that link It seems whoever published the book didn t even bother to read it While We Cannot Predict Every Question That Will Ask In An Interview, The Process Is Fairly Structured This Makes The Interview Process Transparent And Easy To Prepare For Because We Know Many Of The Themes They Will Cover And Questions They Will Ask Imagine If Your Teacher In University Told You Most Of The Questions That Were Going To Be On The Test Beforehand All You Would Have To Do Is Practice Consider This Book Your Study Guide As A Result Of This Structured Interview Process, Many Job Seekers Who Do Poorly In Interviews Simply Do Not Spend Enough Time Preparing And Often, The Ones Who Do Spend Time Preparing Do Not Spend Enough Time Focusing On The Right Things I Compiled Information About The Company S Interview Process, Questions, And Techniques That Have Been Most Successful For Former Applicants Current Employees This Mini Guide Will Walk You Through What It Takes To Get Through An Interview, Step By Step All You Have To Do Is Listen And Prepare What S In The Book How To Supercharge Your Resume And Tailor Keywords To Get Noticed By Hiring Managers Tips To Answer S Behavioral Interview Questions A Breakdown Of S Famous Leadership Principles Understand The Business Model The Flywheel And How It Relates To The Interview Common Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them Perspectives From Hiring Managers Across The World And Much Please Note This Is An Unofficial Product And Is Not Endorsed By Or Audible PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

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