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Dinner with DiMaggio: Memories of An American Hero Richard Ben Cramer wrote an unauthorized biography on Joe DiMaggio but this latest effort by Joe s friend Dr Rock Positano and John Positano dwarfs anything previously written about the Yankee Clipper DiMaggio first met the doctor and author when he had problems with his heel on his foot when Joe was still playing for the Yankees They have been close friends since and Dr Positano shares his many experiences the two of them shared over the next several decades DiMaggio was a very private individual and his fastidious nature regarding protecting his image could prove to be a very trying experience for even the most patient individual.Joe DiMaggio s life and his experiences with fellow Yankee teammates, Frank Sinatra, Ted Williams, wives Dorothy Arnold and Marilyn Monroe, his son Joe Jr and many others are all revealed here Joe was a man of many facets all turned on He could be kind to kids, abrupt to those he considered interlopers, and send those he felt had wronged him to the cold Siberian tundra The author was always accommodating and took Joe wherever he wanted to go When going out to dinner you d better have a suit and tie with the knot tied just right To do otherwise would be a sign of disrespect to those accompanying him.It had to be very difficult to be someone who was recognizable to everyone wherever he went with privacy being at a premium and the author, Dr Positano, did his best to accommodate Joe s wishes Joe became reflective and nostalgic as the two of them rode around New York City for the final time as Joe felt perhaps he had a greater effect on strangers than his own family members.I feel Dr Positano provided the reader with a fair portrait on the image of Joe DiMaggio I don t believe Joe would consign his friend to the cold Siberian tundra for writing this book The book contains eight pages of photos and is one of the best baseball books I have read in some time. I grew up in the same neighborhood as the author and played Little League at the same church, St Athanasius on Bay Parkway, where I also attended Sunday school, Wednesday school and did my first communion and confirmation He captured the neighborhood beautifully and rose to be a New York City doctor and hang out with DiMaggio He would be the envy of all my friends growing up.I enjoyed the book and the insights However, I could not help but feel it betrayed the memory of DiMaggio These were things he shared with a friend and confidant Someone who he trusted and looked after him Why share them I do not understand the true motivation behind the book It did not always paint a flattering picture of DiMaggio or the author Who knows. I picked up this book because of the reviews I d seen here and because as a lifelong baseball fan, I try to keep a baseball book in my reading stack on an on going basis Frankly, I became pretty bored with it pretty quickly It seemed a bland description of a couple of guys having dinner and going places pretty much like the rest of us do The dynamic is that one is an icon for having played a gamealbeit at the highest levelssome decades previously and assumed for himself some sort of exalted status that he expected everyone else to presume The other player, the author, is his willing sycophant who comes across as a nice and accomplished fellow in his own right, but rather in the presence of the icon Fine for an adolescent, but not for a matured man Look, I respect JD for what he did on the field, but not so much for being the aloof, somewhat arrogant person he comes across as in this book Yes, the author points out flashes of thoughtfulness and humanity, but intended or not, they come across as exceptions in his character as opposed to the rule That much is made of such when they are really just what we are supposed to be and do, indicates that JD was not naturally inclined toward them.He is proof that we are all merely human and to pretend we are some sort of royalty outside our given professions is silly My respect for what JD did within the foul lines is very high, but not any higher than the average guy down the street who accomplished much in his less public arena, but who also excelled at treating others as equals, not minionsand who is deferential to all others, rather than expecting all others to be deferential and kneel in the presence of a self absorbed god.Some will find this book interesting and a breezy read But to me it was nothing than a series of stories that regular Joe s share at cafe s not only in Gotham, but in Peoria, Sheboygan and Tulsa Except that the participants treat each other as equalsworry not about if what they say might chagrin the god among themand they drive themselves home.It was a reminder to me that athleteswhile fun to watch on the playing fieldsgo home like the rest of us, kiss our kids and grandkids, and share the same experience as human beingswhich is all any of us are, no matter that some think of themselves and expect others to think of them Enjoy your neighbors and friends in your own circle Learning about them and engaging with them is much enriching and impactful than reading about what kind of pasta a sports icon prefers, or his expectation that one must receive approval to enter into the incredible lightness of his being, which doesn t shine as bright outside his mind, except in the minds of hero worshipping fans trapped in adolescence. The Real Joe DiMaggio, Remembered By One Of The Few Who Really Knew The Man Behind The Legendcandid And Little Known Stories About Baseball Icons From Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, And His Yankees Teammates On The Field To Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, And Others Off The Field As Told By Dr Rock Positano, DiMaggios Closest Confidante In New York During The Final Years Of His Life, Dinner With DiMaggio Is An Intimate Portrait Of One Of Americas Most Enduring HeroesThis Memoir Of A Decade Long Friendship Reveals The Very Private DiMaggio As He Really Wassometimes Demanding, Sometimes Big Hearted, Always Impeccable, Loyal, And A True Stand Up Guywhile Serving Up Illuminating Stories And Rare Insights About The People In His Life, Including His Teammates, Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Woody Allen, And In , Dr Rock Positano, The Thirty Two Year Old Foot And Ankle Specialist, Was Introduced To DiMaggio, The Pair Brought Together By A Career Ending Heel Spur Injury Though Dr Positano Was Forty Years Younger, An Unlikely Friendship Developed After The Doctor Successfully Treated The Baseball Champs Heel At The Start, Joe Mentored Rock But Came To Rely On His Young Friend To Show Him A Good Time In New York, The Town That Made Him A Legend In Time, The Famously Reserved DiMaggio Opened Up To Dr Positano And Talked About His Joys, His Disappointments, And His Sorrows As He Reflected On His Extraordinary Life The Stories And Experiences Shared With Dr Positano Comprise An Intimate Portrait Of One Of The Great Stars Of Baseball And Icon Of The Twentieth Century

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