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Drive: The Story of My Life Twenty years after it was written, DRIVE holds up quite well as the definitive treatment of Larry Bird Told in the first person but greatly helped by the journalistic skill of Bob Ryan Bird doesn t hide anything If he doesn t like something, he tells you And this gets to the heart of the man, do him wrong and he never forgets do him right and he s loyal to the end.The early portion of the book deals with the poverty of growing up in French Lick, but yet Bird saw himself as blessed and enjoying life His older brothers were his heroes and buddies His grandmother the stable influence and quiet soul With her working multiple jobs, his mom the courageous and selfless glue In the most heart breaking section, Bird talks about his father and his father s suicide when Bird was 19.The book picks up with Bird s time at Indiana State He realizes how good he is and soon the legend starts to grow At Boston, Bird realizes that he again can play with anyone What remains from French Lick to Boston is the competitive drive and relentless to be great. Of All The People I Play Against, The Only One I Truly Fear Is Larry BirdMagic Johnson, From The ForewordThe Heart And Soul Of A Champion His Life, His Career, His Game To Understand Basketball, You Have To Understand Larry Bird Arguably The Greatest All Around Player The Game Has Ever Known, He Led The Boston Celtics From The Basement To Three World Championships, Collecting Three NBA Most Valuable Player Awards Along The Way Yet, Despite These Massive Accomplishments, Bird Has Rarely Talked To The Press, And Much About The Man Has Remained A Mystery Now In Drive, The Long Silent Superstar Sets The Record Straight, Revealed A Side Of Himself And Of Basketball Youve Never See Before Inside, Youll Learn Bird S Most Private Feelings About The Momentous Decision To Transfer From Bobby Knights Indiana University To Indiana State The Heartbreak Of His Father S Suicide And His Own Failed Marriage The Single Minded Discipline That Tumed A Small Town Hero Into A National Superstar The Boston Garden And The Legendary Celtic Charm The Isiah Thomas Controversy And The Fierce Celtic Laker Rivalry The Great Players Of The NBA Including Magic Johnson, Dominique Wilkins, And Michael Jordan, And Much Here Is The Book That Puts A Basketball Legend And His Game On The Line And Scores I m reading Drive for the second time, and of the hundreds of books I ve read, I don t believe I ve ever reread a single one I love the way Larry Legend writes He is humble, positive and totally down to earth His life is fascinating to me and many others I m not sure why anyone would give a low rating, but my only guess is they don t like the style, which is simple and easy to read Perhaps they would like complex writing But I find humor in his style and believe it is really his own words Can t wait to finish this one again. i really enjoyed the stories of him growing up maybe should have waited 5 years to do the book it kind of leaves you hanging Excellent book Twelve year old son not only read it, but absorbed it and learned life lessons from it Bird s life story is well written, interesting, and starts family discussions about life and overcoming hardships Pertinent today as it was years ago Highly recommended. this is a Great Book on one of Basketball s Greatest Player sminds.Bird tells of his Nba CareerHis Relationships with Indiana State,The Boston Celtics,Magic JohnsonHis View on the NBA on a Whole.Bird was something else on the COurtOff as a Coach.A Must Read. Who knew Larry could write so well after so many floor dives for loose balls Or even those cheap shots to the head by Dr J Haha he writes with a great sense of humor, and even goes as far as captioning his photos with My family and Me, giving you that genuine close feel with the author The book comes in 3 parts Where I Come From talking about childhood and early game development as well as college years the career signing with the Boston Celtics and following years battling certain players and his take on them Observations my favorite part where he talks of the three point line being introduced, his take on Red Auerbach, and much This is a great read for any basketball fan.

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