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Father of the Iditarod This book was in excellent condition and very reasonable. Celebrates The Life And Work Of The Alaskan Pioneer And Musher Who Helped To Make The Thousand Mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race A Legacy My husband loves books on Alaska and the Iditarod This is one of his favorite When in Wasila he met his son Great experience Loves talking about the book and dogs to him. Joe Redington, Sr., may not have been an Alaskan by birth, but any resident of the state would agree that he was, and remains, a symbol of the Alaskan spirit Born and raised in Oklahoma, Redington always had a fascination with the rugged far north, and read every book on Alaska he could get his hands on In 1948, at the age of 31, he finally made the decision to pack up his family and move there They homesteaded in Knik, off the Parks Highway, on the northwestern side of Knik Arm, and that s how Redington got involved with sled dogs Mushing was an effective way to get from place to place, and Knik Kennels was born By chance, the property opened directly onto the historic Iditarod trail, which by that time was in poor shape owing to disuse Redington cleared a section of the trail for his own use, and soon became caught up in the route s historical significance The famed 1925 Serum Run had followed that trail when there was no other means of rushing life saving medication to diptheria stricken Nome.Redington decided it was high time the trail be restored and brought back into regular use, proposing a 1,000 mile dogsled race from Anchorage to Nome Everyone thought he was nuts But the first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race was held in March of 1973, on a shoestring budget, but a resounding success nonetheless The first few years of the race s existence were rocky at best, but this was Redington s baby, and he nursed it along with unwaivering confidence and energy Today it is an internationally famous sporting event, with mushers arriving each spring from all over the globe to compete Though Redington himself never won the race he participated in it almost every year , not having time enough left to properly train his dogs after all the effort he expended in organization of the event, he did help many eventual Iditarod champions get their footing Two such notable figures are five time winner Rick Swenson and four time winner Susan Butcher In addition, Redington, along with Susan Butcher and Ray Genet, brought the first dog team to the peak of Mount McKinley in 1979 In 1993 he organized the first Iditarod Challenge, an opportunity to follow the trail for fun rather than competition, with Redington as guide He also participated in a special dogsledding trial at the 1994 Olympics in Norway.The title Father of the Iditarod has been applied to Joe Redington for years, and he has engraven himself upon the hearts of all Alaskans I grew up in Anchorage and he was always a household name He was an amazing man Redington had unquenchable enthusiasm for everything he did, and never let age slow him down He ran his last Iditarod in 1997, at the age of 80 When he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in 1998, he fought it with the same determination and confidence that he had exhibited when fighting for the creation of the Iditarod, and he beat it He even got back to mushing, though he would not compete again, and eventually the cancer returned and claimed his life in 1999.This book does every possible justice to the pioneering man who revived dogsled mushing as a popular competitive sport It is a delightful read, descriptive and engaging Even a reader not familiar with Alaska or dog mushing will be able to capture the essence of it here The book is also filled with great black and white photos of Redington, his family and fellow mushers, his dogs, and other images that bring the story to life My one criticism would be a lack of sufficient editting There are a few too many typos that should have been caught, and hence I don t feel quite right about giving an unconditional five star rating It also appears as if the very end of Chapter 18 may have been cut off, as it leaves off with what appears to be the beginning of a new sentence, but when the reader flips to the next page, it is the beginning of the next chapter Other than this, however, the book flows very nicely and is easy to read I would highly recommend it to just about anyone, Alaskan or not, and regardless of experience with dogs or mushing A thoroughly delightful book Lew Freedman does it again, but with a larger than life figure such as Joe Reddington, it isn t hard to tell a great story The legacy of Mr Reddington lives on not only in the Iditarod which he almost single handedly brought to being but in the growing culture of dog racing and preservation of the wonderful northern canines who truly love to run Joe was certainly one of a kind and I only wish I could have met him Reading this book is the next best thing. So interesting to see where Joe came from and how he did so much with so little I m not a reader but can hardly put this down.

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