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Francona: The Red Sox Years This is a book by and about a great role model and example of what a manager of others should be Fair, understanding, practical, staunch and humble I m probably leaving out a bunch of other adjectives but you get the idea.As a woman who bleeds blue for the Yankees, I also have a deep respect for the Red Sox players and many not all of their fans As I m certain though few might admit it they feel the same about the Yankees Watching Mr Francona from the sidelines you knew this man cared deeply about the team and the game, regardless of the color of his jersey.The stories about Pedroia s passionate mother, the friction of front office vs field, the quiet heartbreak of his own personal struggles, the wallet that sat on a desk to help those who might come up short these are priceless gems And there are so many others.Please put aside whatever annoyance you might feel towards the Red Sox if you re not already a member of their nation and sit back and read about someone who really loves baseball and all that goes with it An honest man, an outstanding manager.Good luck with the Indians. There s a saying in Boston that goes something like Baseball is not a matter of life and death but The Red Sox are Oh so true As a lifelong Sox fan 62 years old , I have seen this franchise fail so often and in such humiliating ways both on and off the field that a World Series championship was never even on my radar.Then in the 2004 ALCS, Tito and his gang rally from a 3 0 deficit to the New York Yankees, THE YANKEES, the bane of The Sox very existence, and then go on to sweep the powerful Cardinals to win THE WORLD SERIES Most fans know these stories but this book pulls no punches revealing the stories behind The Sox renaissance Dan Shaughnessey of the Boston Globe co wrote this book DS is a long time Globe sports writer famous for his humor, insight and acerbic observations Together, Tito and DS present so much than a baseball story Tito is a baseball man all the way I hope men like Tito will always be in baseball They are tough, gritty, committed leaders who labor behind the glitz and glamor of their teams successes and they take the fall for their teams failures with fortitude.Francona The Red Sox Years is a page turner about a baseball man confronted with many daunting challenges that simply did not exist in the old days Mass media 24x7 in your face coverage mega million, prima donna players with no sense of responsibility or loyalty to their teammates, team or manager see the odious Manny Ramirez and owners who love the spotlight of success but are quick to duck when success is elusive.Francona handled all of these obstacles as well as debilitating injuries from his own baseball career, the torment of divorce along with public betrayal and personal humiliation from a group of owners who derailed The Red Sox and then needed to blame someone Throughout all of these trials he stood up for his team and quietly tried to salvage a team that was rotting internally from too many toxic, arrogant underachievers brought in by owners who wanted the team to be sexy.I love this book I think baseball fans everywhere will find this book worth reading For a Sox fan it is so interesting, exasperating and inspirational Francona helped to bring two championships to Boston All the while he remained a genuine person This book gives me an appreciation for who Terry Francona really is Simply, he s a guy from Beaver County PA who loves baseball and he s so grateful that he s been able to have a career doing what he loves He cares about his players and he wants to win.For any baseball fans, it is a wonderful story of one of the good guys in pro sports and also a window into the unfathomable business of major league baseball Good luck in Cleveland Tito. Overall, I enjoyed this being a Sox and Francona fan , but I had some serious issues with it One was the choice the write it in third person If it s Terry Francona s book, it should have been written in first person It kept jarring me when it would take on the biographic tone rather than autobiographic Very strange, and I ve read many of these co authored books by sports folks.Because it was basically written by Dan Shaughnessy instead of Francona, that enabled him to write like a journalist, which meant some truly uninteresting reporting Like is it interesting to anyone reading about Francona s time at Fenway to know where John Henry grew up As a reader I felt betwixt and between Was this Shaughnessy s investigative reporting on the destruction of the Red Sox, complete with full biographies of all the players Or Francona s story and his own personal impressions of the people surrounding him When it was from Francona s viewpoint, it worked just fine Much of that bio detail was not important to the story and truly boring.Still, I really liked getting to know Francona through this book, and if you like sports memoirs, you ll probably want to read this one despite its flaws It taught me a lot about what it is to be a big league manager and provided food for thought as to why Francona might have been unable to right the ship in the end. This Is The Best Book Looking Inside The Mind Of A Big League Manager I Have Ever Read, Because Francona Is Sharp And Loves The Game, Because Shaughnessy Is Eloquent And A Dazzling Storyteller Philadelphia Daily NewsWhen Terry Francona Took Over As Manager Of The Boston Red Sox In , The Storied Franchise Hadnt Won A World Series Championship In Eighty Six Years Led By Francona, The Team Won Two Over The Course Of Four Years During The Full Eight Years Of Franconas Tenure, The Red Sox Were Transformed From Cursed Into One Of The Most Successful And Profitable Teams In Baseball Historyonly To Fall Back To Last Place As Soon As Francona Was GoneFrancona The Red Sox Years Lets Readers In On The Inner Workings Of The Red Sox Clubhouse Like No Book Has Ever Done Before From The Highs Of The World Series To The Lows Of The Final Months Of The Seasonthe Most Epic Collapse Of A Team In Baseball Historythis Book Features The Never Before Told Stories About Sox Fans Favorite Players, Moments, Wins, And Losses A Scorched Earth Memoir That Touches Fleetingly On Steroid Use, Sabermetrics, And Michael Jordans Stint In The Minor Leagues But Saves Its Heaviest Artillery For The Owners And Theo Epstein Backs Him UpNew York Times Book ReviewIts Not Often That Baseball Aficionados And Gossip Gluttons Can Plunk Down On A Shared Portion Of Outfield Grass With The Same Book For An Afternoon Of Readerly Delight, But Francona Can Bridge Those Kinds Of DifferencesBoston Globe

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