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Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life (Touchstone Book) (English Edition) Joe DiMaggio Was, At Every Turn, One Man We Could Look At Who Made Us Feel Good In The Hard Knuckled Thirties, He Was The Immigrant Boy Who Made It Bigand Spurred The New York Yankees To A New Era Of Dynasty He Was Broadway Joe, The Icon Of Elegance, The Man Who Wooed And Won Marilyn Monroethe Most Beautiful Girl America Could Dream Up Joe DiMaggio Was A Mirror Of Our Best Self And He Was Also The Loneliest Hero We Ever Had In This Groundbreaking Biography, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Richard Ben Cramer Presents A Shocking Portrait Of A Complicated, Enigmatic Life The Story That DiMaggio Never Wanted Told, Tells Of His Graceand Greed His Dignity, Prideand Hidden Shame It Is A Story That Sweeps Through The Twentieth Century, Bringing To Light Not Just America S National Game, But The Birth And The Price Of Modern National Celebrity This is an excellent biography overall I got the feeling it was extremely well researched and well written, and I learned a lot about Joe DiMaggio, the greatest ballplayer who ever lived, as he liked to be called.But the picture painted by Richard Ben Cramer is not pretty to look at Joltin Joe was, it appears, a money grubbing skinflint who expected people to give him everything for free and immediately became suspicious and cut people off as soon as they asked for the smallest thing in return He cut off his son, who later died of a crank overdose, for not living up to his standards He lost two wives, including Marilyn Monroe, essentially because he was so controlling and domineering Although he managed to patch things up with one of his brothers, Dom, he basically died alone under the effective control of a lawyer who was out to get everything he could from the DiMaggio estate.I didn t doubt this picture as presented by the author, but I felt there must be something missing Late in his life, he was a very popular social fixture on the New York scene, hanging out with a lot of luminaries such as Woody Allen, Paul Simon and Henry Kissinger, to name a few I found it hard to reconcile Cramer s picture of DiMaggio as, well, a jerk, with the apparent fact that he was a popular social butterfly late in life.It seemed to me that he must have had a charming side too, or he wouldn t have been so popular But there was little suggestion in the book that Joe could be charming That s why I gave this book four stars instead of five that feeling that something must be missing Still, it s a great book and a great read Highly recommended for baseball fans. This is a totally absorbing book Not all writers can get away with an informal, vernacular style, but Cramer pulls it off reading the book is like listening to an occasionally breathless but always fascinating raconteur hold forth It s as if the author were talking to the reader personally, narrating the story.The choice of words in the title is telling not a hero s life, which would imply that DiMaggio was a genuine hero, but the hero s life, implying that the subject s actual life was greatly at variance with his heroic image, as it certainly was Some DiMaggio fans are offended that Cramer didn t write a worshipful puff piece instead he revealed what a cold, mean spirited, greedy guy DiMaggio really was But the author also helps the reader understand how DiMaggio got that way, and it s this quality that makes the book so extraordinary.Two criticisms of aspects of the book that make it less than a five star production The author s repeated use of the term Dago when referring to DiMaggio could perhaps be explained by the fact that many people of the time really did refer to DiMaggio with that ethnic slur, but it s still offensive and unnecessary People in the past may indeed have referred to DiMaggio that way, but that doesn t mean Cramer should compound the error by throwing the term around so frequently himself If he were writing about Hank Greenberg, I ll bet he wouldn t refer to him throughout his text as The Hebe or The Kike Nor, if he were writing about Jackie Robinson, would he dream of referring to his subject as The Nig, or by whatever other racist slurs were hurled at Robinson.The other criticism is that I was constantly wondering how the author could possibly have known some of the things he includes Maybe this is just awe at Cramer s reportorial skills, but since he includes no source notes, we have to take him at his word He may well have had many talky informants, especially after DiMaggio s death, but I don t think anybody could have followed Joe into the bedroom with Marilyn Monroe, the way Cramer pretends to do Richard Ben Cramer always went the opposite direction of convention wisdom In WHAT IT TAKES, he saw the positive in the men who ran for president in 1988 In JOE DIMAGGIO THE HERO S LIFE, he saw the negative in the man who made it his life work and the work of others to cultivate a positive image The result is a good, but not classic book like WHAT IT TAKES DiMaggio comes off horribly in fact, there is not one moment in his life that Cramer presents him as likable.The book itself suffers from a great unevenness The first half up to DiMaggio s retirement from baseball has a flow to it The second half is very choppy, and somewhat poorly edited.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life (Touchstone Book) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Richard Ben Cramer author readers around the world.

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