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Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big When Jose Canseco Burst Into The Major Leagues In The S, He Changed The Sport In Ways Than One No Player Before Him Possessed His Mixture Of Speed And Power, Which Allowed Him To Become The First Man In History To Belt Than Forty Home Runs And Swipe Than Forty Bases In The Same Season He Won Rookie Of The Year, Most Valuable Player, And A World Series Ring Canseco Shattered The Mold Of The Out Of Shape Baseball Player And Ushered In A New Era Of Superathletes Who Looked Like Bodybuilders, Made Outrageous Salaries, And Enjoyed Rock Star Lifestyles And The Ticket For This Ride Steroids Behind The Gaudy Stats And The Glamour Of His Public Life, Canseco Cultivated A Secret Just About Everyone In MLB Knew About, One That Would Alter The Game Of Baseball And The Way We View Our Heroes Forever Canseco Made Himself A Guinea Pig Of The Performance Enhancing Drugs That Were Only Just Beginning To Infiltrate The American Underground Anabolic Steroids, Human Growth Hormones Canseco Mixed, Matched, And Experimented To Such A Degree That He Became Known Throughout The League As The Chemist He Passed His Knowledge On To Trainers And Fellow Players, And Before Long, Performance Enhancing Drugs Were Running Rampant Throughout Major League Baseball Sluggers Scooping Up Pitches At Their Ankles And Blasting Them Out Of The Park, Pitchers Cranking Fastballs Inning After Inning Canseco Showed The Players How To Customize Their Doses To Sculpt The Bodies They Wanted, And Baseball As We Know It Was The Result Today, This Issue Has Crept Out Of The Closet And Burst Into The Headlines As Players Balloon To Herculean Proportions And Hundred Year Old Records Are Not Only Broken, But Also Demolished In This Shocking Memoir, Canseco Sheds Light On A Life Of Dizzying Highs And Debilitating Lows, Provides The Answers To Questions About Steroids That Millions Of Fans Are Only Now Beginning To Ask And Suggests That, Far From Being A Passing Trend, The Steroid Revolution Is Only A Taste Of Things To Come Who S Juiced According To Canseco S Authoritative Account, Than You Think And Baseball Will Never Be The Same

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    Jose Canseco was a true record breaker and a baseball rock star that earned him high honors and a lifestyle many envied in MLB Now with his career over and his monies dwindling don t think he is truly poor for one

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    Jose Canseco is a controversial figure, this much we know is true everything else is kind of unclear.Professional athletes looking for an edge an illegal edge is as old as professional sports, but things took a terrible turn

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    Juiced is the story of Jose Canseco s no holds barred account of his years in MLB Told in a conversational and informative way he weaves an accurate and telling account of his personal use of steroids, his experiences as an migr from

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    He wrote the truth was called a liar As for the book, it s easy about a sixth grade reading level It is obvious he didn t have a ghost, so he is to be commended on that The story of his life Beyond that it is also a weapon to be used against Ma

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