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Knuckler: My Life with Baseball's Most Confounding Pitch I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tim Wakefield and have been following his career since he debuted as a pitcher with the Pirates on July 31, 1992 under the wing of then Pirates manager Jim Leyland The book was delivered quickly and I set out to read it as soon as it arrived I couldn t put it down until I was finished with it If you love the game of baseball, then this is a must read, and a must have, for your collection Even for Red Sox fans who love Tim Wakefield, this book is a disappointment Quickly it becomes clear that Tony Massarotti wrote the book since Tim Wakefield is discussed in the third person for the whole read you have to wonder why Wake is given any credit on the book s cover as a co author Beyond that, the book carefully skirts any discussion of what Red Sox fans would be most interested in Manny, Schilling, steroids, and any insightful analysis on the team, it s front office and their business model. This book gives a great insight into one of the best pitchers of the Red Sox, shows personal ups and downs and makes me appreciate the great cotribution he has made to the Red Sox I have enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it to any Red Sox fan. A well written inside story of getting the breaks to make the big leagues and then the willingness to give up individual achievement for the good of the team A must for every Red Sox fan, baseball fan, knuckleball fan and anyone who really appreciates the rare good guy in sports I ve already purchased extras for Holiday gifts for my baseball friends. Tim Wakefield s biographer is too wordy and repetitive, so the book moves slowly However, it does cover the knuckler s features and some of the pitchers who threw it. A Terrific Book About One Of Baseballs Most Underrated Pitchers, Not To Mention Baseballs Most Misunderstood Pitch Stephen KingTim Wakefield Is An Enigma At Forty Four Years Old, He Is The Longest Serving Member Of One Of Baseballs Most Popular Franchises He Has Pitched Games Than Any Other Player In Red Sox History, And In He Reached The Milestone Of Career Victories Yet Few Realize The Full Measure Of His Success In Fact, That His Career Can Be Characterized By Such Words As Longevity And Consistency Defies All Odds, Because He Has Achieved All Of This With The Games Most Mercurial Weaponthe Knuckleball Knuckler Is The Story Of How A Struggling Position Player Risked His Future On A Fickle Pitch That Would Eventually Define His Career, Making Him One Of The Most Respected Players In The Game It Is Also A Lively And Entertaining Meditation On The Dancing Pitch, Its History, Its Mechanics, Its Mystique, And The Inevitable Ironies It Brings To Bear This Book Is About Resiliency, Diligence, And The Tunnel Vision Required To Live By What Appears To Be The Most Fanciful Pitch Thrown By Man Peter Gammons, MLB AnalystKnuckler Gives Readers A Rare Glimpse Of The Man Behind The Baseball And His Remarkable Work On And Off The Field Carlton Fisk, Hall Of Fame Catcher

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