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Lombardi and Landry: How Two of Pro Football's Greatest Coaches Launched Their Legends and Changed the Game Forever This was an easy, fun read about the New York Giants back in the Fifties and brought back a lot of fond memories It s not an in depth book, but that made the reading easy It would have been nice to have some diagrams of the plays that were described I was somewhat annoyed by some spelling errors The name of the Colts player was Big Daddy Lipscomb, not Liscomb Also the coach who succeeded Vince Lombardi at Green Bay was Phil Bengtson, not Phil Bengston. Vince Lombardi And Tom Landry Could Not Have Had Two Divergent Personalities Yet, While Working For The New York Giants In The Mid S Under Head Coach Jim Lee Howell, The Pair Formed What Still Stands As The Greatest Set Of Coordinators On One Team Given Their Personalities, One Might Have Likened Howells Job To That Of Dwight Eisenhowers As The General Struggled To Control The Egos And Politics Of His Allied Subordinates During WWII But For Some Reason, Lombardi And Landry Worked Almost Seamlessly, Leading The Giants To The Top Of The NFL In The Five Seasons The Two Men Coached Together Between And , The Giants Appeared In Three Championship Games, Winning The NFL Title In Both Coaches Would Go On To NFL Stardom, Lombardi With The Green Bay Packers And Landry With The Dallas Cowboys But It Was During Their Years As Giants Coordinators That They Developed The Coaching Philosophies They Would Employ Later In Their Careers For Lombardi, It Was The Reliance On The Running Game That Started With Frank Gifford And Would Continue In The Packers Sweep Days Of Paul Hornung For Landry, It Was His Own Invention Of The Defense That Led To The Flex Defense Of His Super Bowl Winners In Dallas How They Developed Their Ideas, And How They Were Allowed To Implement Them, Was A Testament Not Only To Their Genius, But Howells Willingness To Let Them Handle The Strategic Matters While He Looked After The Big PictureIn Lombardi And Landry, Veteran Sportswriter Ernie Palladino Takes An In Depth Look At These Two Legends Formative Years In New York, Offering Up A Vivid, Revealing Portrait Of Two Brilliant Coaches Just Coming Into An Understanding Of Their Formidable Powers It would be hard to imagine two men different in temperament than Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry Lombardi, the passionate and emotional offensive coordinator and Landry, the defensive coordinator of controlled emotions and few words Both worked for the same team, the New York Giants, and brought excellence to the squads in their charge Lombardi was an innovator on offense, a man that knew how to work relentlessly toward perfection and achieving excellence , while Landry got the same quality of results by different means.Both of these men changed their sport forever Both of them achieved success like few others before or after The game would not be what it is today without their innovations and philosophies This book is a joy for anyone interested in the history of professional football It was a different time, football was a different game, but these two giants of the game were instrumental in creating the basis for the modern game.The book is well written, and a great read Most highly recommended. Lifetime member of Cowboys nation, so you can guess that I was highly interested in every word about Coach Landry I also have great respect even today for the 1967 Ice Bowl loss against Coach Lombardi s Green Bay Packers That was interesting reading as well And I definitely loved how the writer ended the book Those parts receive a 5 star rating The reason I rated it an overall 4 Details about sooooo manyyyyyyy gaaaaaaames I watch, rewatch, eat and breathe pro footballand still, it was too much for me So, I dropped it 1 star. Lombardi and Landry by Ernie Palladino, sportswriter and long time New York Giants beat writer, covers the New York Giants from the early 50 s until the early 60 s, with a primary focus on the Giant s offensive and defensive coordinators during much of that time, Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry.While I m an avid sports fan, I didn t realize that Lombardi and Landry s first pro coaching jobs were as coordinators for the New York Football Giants Because Giant s head coach Jim Lee Howell was a manager of men rather than a micromanager, he gave both Lombardi and Landry unheard of authority in their coaching positions While not an exhaustive biography of either man, Palladino provides a lot of information about both, and shows how each developed and honed their skills and football systems, which they took to their next jobs, as head coach of the Green Bay Packers Lombardi and head coach of the Dallas Cowboys Landry.The book is full of a lot of details, anecdotes, and covers the glory days of the 1950 s Giants chronologically And it shows that while Landry and Lombardi were football geniuses, the true hero of the day was Jim Lee Howell, who didn t let his ego get in the way of winning games for the Giants, and managed to keep both Landry and Lombardi from each other s throats, so to speak, and pulling together as a team.Overall, this is a good book and easy read I even managed to learn a bit about football in the 1950s Four stars.Kindle edition reviewed.

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