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Lord of the Shadows Bookof The Saga Of Darren Shan Darren's going home Back to where everything started The town's changed a lot in the years that he's been awaybut then, so has DarrenPlagued by nightmares of what the future seems to hold, Darren feels uneasy revisiting the place where he was reborn as a child of the night, as though the universe as though destiny is plotting to throw something very nasty at him on the streets of his old home

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  1. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Lord of the Shadows (Cirque du Freak #11), Darren Shan
    Lord Of The Shadows is the eleventh book in The Saga of Darren Shan series by the author Darren Shan. It is also the second book in the Vampire Destiny trilogy. Along with the Cirque Du Freak, Darren Shan returns to his home town, the place where it all began. He was still having nightmares about the Lord of the shadows. While the Cirque Du Freak rests at an old abandoned football stadium, Darren walks through his old home. After spotting his sister, Annie Shan, living a happy life with her son at their old house, Darren decides not to disturb them. One night before the freak show starts a boy shows up hoping to get a ticket to attend the freak show. The boy, Darius, asks many questions and acts strangely, leaving Harkat and Darren curious. The freak show starts, Darren and Harkat wait for Darius but he doesn't attend, instead, he sees his old friend Tommy Jones. Jekkus Flangs, a performer of Cirque Du Freak, introduces him to Tommy Jones who is now a famous footballer. Tommy is shocked that Darren was alive after he was proclaimed dead eighteen years ago when he became a vampire assistant, Darren tells him that he had a rare disease that prevented him from aging normally and they had to fake his death to leave home and travel with a physician so he could be helped.
    تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه اکتبر سال 2006 میلادی
    عنوان: قصه های سرزمین اشباح، کتاب یازدهم: ارباب سایه ها؛ نویسنده: دارن شان؛ مترجم: فرزانه کریمی؛ تهران، قدیانی، چاپ اول و دوم 1384؛ چاپ سوم 1385؛ چاپ چهارم 1387، پنجم 1388؛ شابک: 9789644178207؛ چاپ هفتم 1391؛ هشتم 1392؛ موضوع: داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی - سده 21 م
    هشدار: اگر این داستان را نخوانده اید، و میخواهید خود آنرا بخوانید، از خوانش ادامه ی این ریویو پرهیز کنید؛ دارن شان شخصیتی ست نیمه شبح، که منتظر است، در رؤیایی نهایی، در برابر «استیو»، ارباب شبح واره‌ ها، بجنگد. به زادگاهش می‌رود، و می‌فهمد خواهرش ازدواج کرده، و بچه‌ ای هم دارد، و او درمییابد، که اگر «استیو» را بکشد، خودش، ارباب سایه‌ ها خواهد شد، و اگر «استیو» او را بکشد، او (استیو)، ارباب سایه‌ ها می‌شود، تا تمام بشریت، شبح واره‌ ها، و شبح‌ها را، به کام مرگ بفرستد. در ادامه ی داستان، استیو، «شانکوس»، فرزند دوست «دارن» را می‌دزدد، و دارن نیز «داریوس»، فرزند استیو را میرباید. سپس آنها قرار می‌گذارند، تا آندو را مبادله کنند، ولی «استیو»، شانکوس را می‌کشد، و با افشاگری نشان می‌دهد، که داریوس، خواهرزاده ی خود دارن شان است، و داریوس نیمه شبح واره شده‌ است (بقیه داستان به قسمت آخر موکول می‌شود)؛ استیو آهسته گفت: «در برابر سایه ها، همه باید نابود شوند. حالا این دنیای من است». ا. شربیانی

  2. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    THIS DOES NOT fall into the same pitfalls as the previous two books

    Instead of a meandering from the main plot arch, this time we are in the thick of things. I really enjoyed the contrast of Darren now vs Darren could-have-been as he is confronted with his old life and all the what-ifs that could have happened if he hadn't become a vampire.

    The cat-and-mouse game between Darren and Steve was both engaging and annoying. I wanted confrontation, I wanted action...and when that happened...oh boy did I not want that to happen.

    Previously, I have admired Shan (author, not character) for not skimping on the gore and death just because this is for middle schoolers. Books are too PG sometimes and his were a refreshing change.


    What he did to Ezra and his family...unforgivable...there is a difference between including death and doing that to one of your characters.

    Audiobook Comments
    Read by Ralph Lister - another great read by the Lister!

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    Happy Reading!

  3. Emily Emily says:

    This series is just full of twists and shocking and tragic circumstances!
    In this book, Darren and Harkat are traveling with the Cirque du Freak when the Cirque ends up back in Darren's hometown. Of course, he wants to see how the town has changed and how his family and friends are doing, but he is unsure of how involved with them he should be.

    Of course, Steve manages to show up in this book, and it is revealed that he has a son. I was not surprised to learn who the boy's mother was (Annie), but it complicates things for Darren considerably. I am becoming rather depressed about this Lord of the Shadows business. It is so upsetting that Darren is destined to either die or turn into a murderous monster. They have trusted what Mr. Tiny, Evanna, and Mr. Tall have said so far but I can't help but HOPE beyond hope that they are all somehow wrong about Darren's destiny. I also cried when Steve killed Shancus. It was one of the worst deaths of the series, even worse than Mr. Crepsley's. I just want this all to be over!! I think the vampires and the vampaneze have a good chance of peace once Steve is GONE.

    This book was very sad and I am hoping that the next and last book will help to tie up loose ends and I really hope all ends well for Darren and company.

  4. Whitney Whitney says:

    Two years later, and the War of Scars is still going on, yet Darren hasn’t been attending to his princely duties. While still travelling with the Cirque du Freak, Darren and the circus travel to Darren’s original home town where he’d still lived as a vampire. But something sinister is afoot; Darren and Harkat can feel it. There’s Steve and the vampaneze to worry about, and now Darren has to worry about this mysterious future Lord of the Shadows, who may very well be him!


    The end is near with this series but you wouldn’t guess it with how dull Lord of the Shadows. It took ages for any action to start, and when it did it was very predictable. That’s the problem with a long series. Readers start to learn the author’s tricks and nuances and will be able to figure out what will happen next. Even the first time I read this book I wasn’t surprised by anything. Besides the predictable things, Lord of the Shadows was a set up book for Sons of Destiny and that’s about it. The next book is the big finale and this book was the stepping stone to it. Books like this are never really exciting so the plot wasn’t really a letdown.


    By this point, the writing has become too predictable. Eleven books in the same series and you being to be able to figure out what the author has in store next. The quality is as good as ever but it’s gone down in terms of uniqueness. There was a lack of urgency in Lord of the Shadows that I think should have been there. Shan is usually good with that but it was strangely absent.


    I really don’t like what Shan’s done to Darren’s character. Is the reader honestly supposed to believe that Darren would murder a child all of a sudden because of this mysterious darkness rising up inside of him? Apparently we are. It would have been better if, from the beginning of the series, Darren was shown as holding grudges and wanting vengeance, only to be stopped and reprimanded by Mr. Crepsley after he was blooded. And when Mr. Crepsley dies, the one thing that held Darren back is no more and that rage rises up inside of him again. This didn’t happen, but it’s what should have happened. Darren has always been optimistic and a good spirit, even in the worst of times; even when Steve killed Mr. Crepsley! This sudden character shift doesn’t make any sense and it’s very weak. Since Shan couldn’t have gone back and developed Darren like I said, he should have made it where Darren just snapped. To do that, something incredibly upsetting should have happened; something more upsetting than Mr. Crepsley being killed.

    It’s very upsetting to see Darren’s character do a one-eighty like this.

    Things I Didn't Like

    Lord of the Shadows—the second to last book in the series!—was boring. I’m sorry to say but it was. Nothing even happened in first six to seven chapters. “Blah” is the word I’d use to describe this book. It was a set up book, just like books two and three were in this series. Maybe I would have liked the book if it was combined with Sons of Destiny. Who knows?

    Besides that, I didn’t like what has happened to Darren’s character in the span of, what, a few chapters? He goes from moderately optimistic half-vampire to a person who’s about ready to murder a child for revenge’s purposes only. How a mighty character has fallen at the hands of the author.


    Debbie and Alice are back. They play an important role in the indirect plot more than the direct plot. It’s good, but not great. I like the way that they are described as muscular and how Shan doesn’t shy away from having physically strong women. Debbie, the only confirmed POC in the entire series, is more prominent than Alice. I also like how her dark skin is described as beautiful. Too often dark skin is demonized or just not seen as pretty.


    Lord of the Shadows was a book to set up the big finale. It will probably pale in comparison to the final book. The entire book was dull and boring, even during the action scenes. There were choices that Darren made that were rather silly and foolish of him that he only did for the convenience of the plot. If Sons of Destiny makes up for Lord of the Shadows, that’d be great.

    Here is a link to my notes.

  5. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    Drawing close to the ending of an amazing series, numerous questions are answered in this book.

    Back in his home town Darren is faced with old friends and old enemies alike. With more twists and turns added into this book it is next to impossible to put down, leaving you to read on to the final instalment instantly. Whilst a lot of things come out in the open there are still those unanswered questions which can only be found out through finishing the series.

  6. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    Things are heating up, and the next volume is the last, and there's a lot to cover in the final volume. This volume sees some major happenings, some I saw coming others I did not. Overall this has been a top notch series and while I hate to see it end, I can't wait to see what happens!

  7. Lily Lily says:

    Called the kids parents new it. Seriously is it just me that is finding these 'twist' anything but twisty?

    Was a good book though.

  8. Carla Carla says:

    3.5 stars

  9. Jo Rampanen Jo Rampanen says:

    So much death 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.

    Lord of the Shadows is the penultimate book in Darren Shan’s CIRQUE DU FREAK series. If you haven’t read the previous books, but plan to, I recommend that you don’t read this review until you’ve read them, for I will certainly spoil the plot for you.

    Darren Shan’s adventures in the vampire world began when he made a series of bad mistakes. First he stole money from his parents and snuck out of the house to visit the Cirque du Freak, an illegal traveling circus. Then he stole a poisonous spider from the show and kept it in his bedroom. Then the spider bit Steve, Darren’s best friend. Then, while Steve lay dying in the hospital, instead of ‘fessing up and telling the adults what happened to Steve, so that perhaps they could have found an antidote, Darren made a deal with Mr. Crepsley, the vampire who owned the spider: Darren had to become a half-vampire to get the antidote from Mr. Crepsley. Then, instead of being grateful for being saved, Steve was jealous that Darren became a half-vampire (Mr. Crepsley said Steve had evil blood and he refused to let Steve become a vampire). Then Steve joined the evil vampaneze and became Darren’s archenemy. It is prophesied that Steve, the new lord of the vampaneze, will destroy the world. It’s up to Darren and his friends to stop him.

    Lord of the Shadows begins two years after the events of the previous book, The Lake of Souls. At the end of that book Darren and Harkat had seen a glimpse of a possible frightening future and Darren had heard a new prophecy which says that either he or Steve is the Lord of Shadows — the man who will destroy the Earth. I said in my review of The Lake of Souls that these prophecies are the weakest part of the plot and I feel that even more so in this book. It seems to me that this particular prophecy contradicts earlier prophecies and is here only to increase tension by giving Darren a shade of grayness — like maybe he’s a villain instead of the hero we expected him to be. It didn’t work for me, but I’m not the target audience.

    When the Cirque du Freak travels to Darren and Steve’s hometown, Darren must deal with his past. He left because he thought he was dangerous (which, it turns out, he really wasn’t) and his family thinks he’s dead. Should he seek them out? Well, of course he can’t help but look for them and that’s when things get even weirder and more frightening. When Darren finds his beloved sister, author Darren Shan gives the story a big wrenching twist. Kids are going to be shocked.

    The CIRQUE DU FREAK series continues to thrill, and Darren is in a no-win situation where he’s dealing with some difficult ethical issues. Will his hatred turn him into a monster?

    I continue to listen to Blackstone Audio’s production of the CIRQUE DU FREAK series. As I’ve said before, Ralph Lister’s performance is a little over the top, but kids will probably love it and I’ve gotten used to it.

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