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Out of My League: I ve read a lot of baseball books in my lifetime Two chapters in, Out of My League had already become my favorite The book is about baseball, of course, but it s also about family, philosophy, love and the hard choices that come from all of these things Dirk Hayhurst captures the stark realities of minor league baseball with candor and humor, and his descriptions of arriving at the major league is compelling and than a bit disturbing This might not be the best book ever written about baseball, but it s right up there. Dirk Hayhurst has taken us behind the scenes in his latest book, Out of My League, and shed light on the difficult struggle of a ball player who has worked his way through the minors in hopes of one day making it to the big leagues.The book is equally funny, honest and insightful You will laugh out loud at some of the stories Hayhurst retells Stories about his offseason relationship with his grandma, getting hit on by transvestites while on the road, and many of the rookie hazing moments he goes through when he finally reaches the big leagues.Even with all the funny moments, and there are plenty of them, this book focuses on so much The reality and struggle of what a fringe prospect goes through.Baseball is a sport that is marked by failure Players will always fail often than they succeed These failures can weigh heavily on a players psyche and in turn make them even worse as a player It is a struggle to overcome these overwhelming obstacles and find success in a sport where the odds are stacked against you.Hayhurst takes us behind the curtain and sheds light what it is like to be an actual baseball player and what runs through their minds in many of these types of situations.Baseball, even with all its benefits, can be a serious grind for its players forcing them to sometimes wonder if making it to the show is worth it or not Hayhurst openly talks about many of these struggles that he faced throughout his 6 years in the minors en route to his first appearance in the majors.What I love most about this book is the honest approach it takes to what life is like for a major league player So often in movies and books that talk about this subject, we see the athletic side of life being glorified, but we fail to see a lot of the real struggles and doubts that are also a part of being a professional athlete Living up to 6 or 7 figure contracts are not as easy as it would seem.We want this dream of becoming a professional athlete to be glorified We want to dream that if, by some miracle, we were to be in these players shoes, everything would work out for us in our own lives The reality is that it isn t easy and if we were in their shoes, we might think differently about what it is we want to do with our lives.Don t get me wrong this book isn t about feeling sorry for a major leaguer who is having a tough time What it does do however is paint a complete picture of what life at the major league level is really like There is both good and bad that comes with being at that level and we, the reader are shown what it really is like.The other thing that makes me appreciate the book is that it helped shed light on the human nature side of baseball Ever since Moneyball came out, stat heads have had an increasingly bigger and bigger impact on the game trying to make the way we look at the game as precise and scientific as possible.What has gotten lost in all of these stats is that what we are dealing with is human beings Sure certain players and their stats have been incredibly predictable through the years but that doesn t mean they aren t robots Hayhurst has helped shed light on what goes on behind all this and what can affect a player during his ups and downs throughout the season.If you would like to get a picture of what being a professional baseball player is like I can t recommend this book enough Between this book and his first, The Bullpen Gospels, an equally compelling and well written book that focuses on what life is like in the minors, you won t get a better picture of what life in the world of professional baseball is really like This is an excerpt from a review I wrote for my website What a marvelous book Hayhurst weaves the stories of his baseball career, falling in love, and escape from a toxic and tragic upbringing into a funny, touching and insightful narrative The writing is graceful and perhaps, in a way, inspired.Out of My League is much than a baseball book, but the baseball parts are enough to make it a good read Sort of a minor league version of Jim Bouton s Ball Four, Hayhurst describes well the anxiety of the AAA player who gets the occasional sniff of the Bigs, the foolishness of young men thrown together for a season, knucklehead coaches, and the day to day life in the minors.Out of My League is a great example of George Plimpton s theory that the quality of a sport s literature is inversely proportional to the size of the ball in play He had golf and baseball at the top and the cruder games of soccer, football and basketball in the literary cellar The book uses a baseball life to shine light on larger issues without preaching or becoming tedious.More than anything this is a book about growing into manhood It touches on many of the points Hemingway dealt with from a different angle and in a different style and would be profitable reading for most young men I hope that Hayhurst has of this in him It is good stuff indeed. A Humorous, Candid And Insightful Memoir Of Hayhurst S Rookie Season In The MajorsGrade Home Run Cleveland Plain DealerAfter Six Years In The Minors, Pitcher Dirk Hayhurst Hopes Is The Year He Breaks Into The Big Leagues But Every Time Dirk Looks Up, The Bases Are Loaded With Challenges A Wedding Balancing On A Blind Hope, A Family In Chaos, And Paychecks That Beg Dirk To Answer, How Long Can I Afford To Keep Doing This Then It Finally Happens Dirk Gets Called Up To The Majors, To Play For The San Diego Padres A Dream Comes True When He Takes The Mound Against The San Francisco Giants, Kicking Off Forty Insane Days And Nights In The Bigs Like The Classic Games Of Baseball S History, Out Of My League Entertains From The First Pitch To The Last Out, Capturing The Gritty Realities Of Playing On The Big Stage, The Comedy And Camaraderie In The Dugouts And Locker Rooms, And The Hard Fought, Personal Journeys That Drive Our Love Of America S Favorite Pastime A Rare Gem Of A Baseball Book Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated A Fun ReadThis Book Shows Why Baseball Is So Often Used As A Metaphor For Life Keith Olbermann Entertaining And Engagingminiscent Of Jim Bouton S Ball Four Booklist Observant, Insightful, Human, And Hilarious Bob Costas

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