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Speed Kings In The 1930s, As The World Hurtled Towards Terrible Global Conflict, Speed Was All The Rage It Was Described By Aldous Huxley As The One Genuinely Modern Pleasure , And One Of The Fastest And Most Thrilling Ways To Attain It Was Through The New Sport Of Bobsledding Exotic, Exciting And Above All Dangerous, It Was By Far The Most Popular Event At The Lake Placid Winter Olympics It Required An Abundance Of Skill And Bravery And The Four Men Who Triumphed At Those Games Lived The Most Extraordinary Lives.Billy Fiske Was An Infamous Daredevil, Blessed With A Natural Talent For Driving He Would Later Become The First American Airman To Die In The War Flying For The RAF Clifford Gray Was A Notorious Playboy And A Player On Both Broadway And Hollywood Or Was He His Identity Was A Mystery For Decades Jay O Brien Was A Gambler And A Rogue Who, According To One Ex Wife, Forced Women To Marry Him At Gunpoint And Eddie Eagan, A Heavyweight Boxer And Brilliant Lawyer, Remains The Only Man To Win Gold At Both The Summer And Winter Olympics.This Is Their Story, Of Loose Living, Risk Taking And Hell Raising In An Age Of Decadence, And Of Their Race Against The Odds To Become The Fastest Men On Ice We Will Never See Their Like Again Especially After The World Did Descend Into That Second, Terrible Global Conflict.

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    The good old days of modern sport come alive in this vivid account of the astonishing live of Billy Fiske It is not about money, drugs, manipulation or media hype, it is simply about the thrill of being the fastest More old school a sportsman s biography cannot be Some lengthy side stories do not overshadow the nice reading.

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    Lots of twists and turns A great read Makes us realize what a small world we live in.

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    Fantastic read So we written about the facts the glamour the sadness Do yourself a favour and read it

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    This is a brilliantly written and researched book about a subject you never thought you would care about But you will It is about good people, courageous people, not quite perfect people, but the kind of people you wish you knew of The four idealistic young men you will encounter here entered the first winter Olympic games in 1932 held at Lake Placid and won the Gold Medal Their victory was pure improvisation But they did so much and at a time

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    Begins with the end.The first one third of this is character building about the idle rich who took to the sport of bobsledding for entertainment, initially using snow covered streets for courses Due to DEATHS and injuries it was determined that a closed course was needed The sleds themselves were basically a bedframe with a steering wheel on blades.The sport was first in the 1928 Olympics which was nearly a cancelled farce as the sun melted the venues T

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    What an amazing story everyone will thoroughly enjoy this book Fans of the Olympics will love it

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