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Sports Illustrated Baseball's Greatest Bought this for my Baseball Fever 8 year old son and he loves it He loves the way that each chapter is a different field position or achievement. Who S The Greatest Slugger Of All Time, Babe Ruth Or Ted Williams Where Do Derek Jeter And Cal Ripken Jr Rank On The List Of The Best Shortstops At Third Base, Would You Rather Have Mike Schmidt Or Brooks Robinson Is Fenway Or Wrigley The Better Ballpark This Book Will End Many Arguments And Start Some New Ones Sports Illustrated S Has Polled Its Major League Baseball Experts To Determine The Ultimate Top In Than Categories The Rankings Appear Alongside Stunning Photography And Classic Stories From SI S Archives This Is The Best Of The Best In The Major Leagues, Or, Simply, Baseball S Greatest The greatest Anytime you compile a list of the greatest of anything, there will be debates over who was and wasn t included Understandable That doesn t change the fact that this is a fun look at who some consider to be the top players, managers, teams, and games in the sport Enjoy it in that respect As always with Sports Illustrated, there are great photos Can t see how anyone would be disappointed with this book, even if a favorite was omitted. The book itself looks beautiful I wish they would be a little careful when shipping It s a new book. If you ve got any room on your favorite coffee table, this wonderful collection of top ten lists belongs there The writing is predictably excellent but the photos, many decades old from deep in the archives, are just superb Many photos depict our heroes of the past and present in candid or tangential moments so you re not simply staring at a predictable series of home run swings, leaping catches, or distinctive deliveries from the mound The inclusion of top ten rivalries, ball parks and quotes near the end is a nice touch and helps make the book potentially interesting to people not addicted to baseball, a population that has apparently been growing at a rapid rate I tore though Baseball s Greatest in just a handful of sittings it s like munching on the proverbial bag of salted peanuts Which is fitting given that we are, after all, talking about baseball. I have a 10 year old nephew who is a HUGE baseball fan He loves the Red Sox in particular, but I felt like the Red Sox gifts had been over done How many Pedroia shirts can one kid have I got him this book and he loved the format He and his friends pour over it and debate the lists at length As a teacher, I love this Seems to inspire critical thinking skills and friendly debate in a way that kids desperately need I will buy this as a gift for other baseball fans I know.

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