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Summary of The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss - Includes Analysis Please Note This Is Key Takeaways And Analysis Of The Book And Not The Original Book The Hour Workweek Escape , Live Anywhere, And Join The New Rich Is A Manifesto Calling For Workers Everywhere To Rise Up And Flee Their Cubicles In Pursuit Of A Life Guided By Their Passions And Not Their Paychecks It Offers A Practical, Step By Step Guide That Can Be Followed By People Who Are Not Independently Wealthy But Who Don T Want To Be Slaves To Their Jobs Until Retirement Whether A Person Is An Entrepreneur Or An Employee, He Or She Can Follow This Path However, The Steps To Doing So Will Vary Slightly The American Work Culture Is Inherently Flawed Every Day, Millions Of People Willingly Sacrifice The Best Years Of Their Lives In Service Of A Retirement That Is Decades Away Instead Of Embracing A Desire To Learn And Grow Throughout Their Lives, They Work Jobs They Hate So That They Might One Day Be Able To Relax In Old Age Inside This Instaread Summary Of The Hour Workweek By Timothy Ferriss Overview Of The Book Important People Key Takeaways Analysis Of Key Takeaways

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    Timothy Ferriss wants us to stop working the usual 9 to 5, 40 hour week He had me at the title Work 4 hours a week Ferriss claims this can be done if we increase our efficiency and throw out the rule book on what defines work Ferriss believes anybody can do this in any endeavor and that the benefits are an increase in free time This in turn makes us all bet

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    This is an overview of the actual book The 4 Hour Work week Kind of like an abbreviated Cliff s Notes for the FULL book It provides a potential reader enough information regarding the book s content to determine if we want to invest the extra money and time to actually buy and read the entire book This is the author s personal rant about the misfortunes and hardship

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    Summary of The 4 hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris by Instaread is an analysis of the manifesto calling for workers to dump 9 to 5 jobs and focus on building net worth, not in terms of money, but on time and freedom The authors maintain that the 8 hour workday, and careers where workers put off the good things in life for decades while they work at jobs they hate, is no longer

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    This book had some merit and I feel it s an approach to life that I don t see as ultimately fulfilling There is something to be said for the sense of satisfaction in achievements in the 9 5 workplace I get the fact that millennials see life from a different viewpoint and it was a thought provoking instaread I was given this instaread and It s worth reading if only to see what a mille

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    The goal in this book seems to be reducing work through increasing efficiency, especially through automation So a person could bring home the same salary while working fewer hours, leaving the rest of the task to virtual assistants This is likely where the world is going overall They call the people who gain so much leisure time, New Rich.The key points presented are 1 Anyone can do this.2 T

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