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The Best Team Money Can Buy: The Los Angeles Dodgers' Wild Struggle to Build a Baseball Powerhouse From The Outside Looking In, The Dodgers Have Been A Bubbling Cauldron Of Personality, Talent And Moods, With The Occasional Dollop Of Jealousy In The Best Team Money Can Buy, It S As If Molly Knight Ushers You Behind The Closed Clubhouse Doors To See It For Yourself Buster Olney, ESPN News Making, Inside Revelations About The Tumultuous Years When The Los Angeles Dodgers Were Remade From Top To Bottomfrom The Ownership Of The Team To Management To The Players On The Fieldbecoming The Most Talked About And Most Colorful Team In BaseballIn The Los Angeles Dodgers Were Bought Out Of Bankruptcy In The Most Expensive Sale In Sports History Los Angeles Icon Magic Johnson And His Partners Hoped To Put Together A Team Worthy Of Hollywood Consistently Entertaining By Most Accounts They Have Succeeded, If Not Always In The Way They Might Have Imagined Now Molly Knight Tells The Story Of The Dodgers And Seasons With Detailed, Previously Unreported Revelations She Shares A Behind The Scenes Account Of The Astonishing Sale Of The Dodgers, And Why The Team Was Not Overpriced, As Well As What The Dodgers Actually Knew In Advance About Rookie Phenom And Cuban Defector Yasiel Puig And How They And Teammates Handled Him During His First Two Roller Coaster Seasons We Learn How Close Manager Don Mattingly Was To Losing His Job During The Seasonand How The Team Turned Around The Season In The Most Remarkable Fifty Game Stretch Of Any Team Since World War II, Before Losing In The NLCS Knight Also Provides A Rare Glimpse Into The Infighting And Mistrust That Derailed The Team In , And Resulted In Ridding The Roster Of Difficult Personalities And The Hiring Of A New Front Office Knight Also Reveals New Facts Behind The Blockbuster Trade With The Red Sox She Paints An Intimate Portrait Of Star Pitcher Clayton Kershaw, Probably The Best Pitcher In The Game Today, Including Details About The Record Contract Offer He Turned Down Before Accepting The Richest Contract Any Pitcher Ever Signed Exciting, Surprising, And Filled With Juicy Details, Molly Knights Account Is A Must Read For Baseball Fans And Anyone Who Wants The Inside Story Of Todays Los Angeles Dodgers I was shocked at how absorbing this book was to read Often I couldn t put it down.I didn t expect a book about the most recent iterations of the LA Dodgers to be quite this interesting, but what a beautiful mess that team is Such an eclectic and discordant mix of talent, wealth, entitlement, immaturity, and insecurity.Year after year, statistical projections predict the Dodgers to be at the very top of the league and then each season unfolds into a melodramatic roller coaster ride for them Molly Knight s book provides all the most intimate details of these adventures.Starting off with the story of the transition of the LA Dodgers franchise from bankrupt pathetic embarrassment under crook owner Frank McCourt to the financially flourishing Guggenheim ownership regime with lots of behind the scenes details, the book paperback version covers the period of 2012 to 2015 focusing on the human side of the game without ever drifting into the territory of hero worship or platitudes or cliches Just lots and lots of fascinating, entertaining stories about very proud and powerful personalities trying to coexist.Knight certainly knows baseball and when she does discuss the play on the field or statistical performance, she handles it adeptly But the heart of this book is its human stories the peculiarity of pitcher Zack Greinke, the pouty star outfielder Matt Kemp, paranoid middle man manager Don Mattingly, the loose cannon polarizing rule breaker Yasiel Puig, the focused and determined superstar Clayton Kershaw, and so much.The style sometimes reminded me of Dan Okrent s classic book Nine Innings in which the description of a single ballgame sets off lengthy tangents detailing the history of this or that player, all the events of their career that led them to that point.My only complaint a minor one is that things seem to fade toward the end, as though she wasn t sure how to conclude this great book I was really hoping for super in depth detail and discussion of the organization assembling what Knight calls The Best Front Office Money Can Buy but felt that section was a little too truncated That powerhouse front office, an All Star team of former GMs and sought after execs, is I think the most fascinating thing about the current Dodgers and I hoped for stories about how that all came about and how they managed to function Was shocked to see Knight mention a few times that the team had missed out on a trade or a signing because the front office was too focused on some other matter Sounds like exactly what this braintrust was built to avoid and completely contradicting the stories that were coming out during the 2014 15 winter meetings when all the ex GMs in the front office were wheeling and dealing separately, divide and conquer style.But I guess all of that is a story for another book. I m a lifetime Dodger fan first game about 1960 or 1961 in the LA Coliseum, with my dad and big brother we sat beyond the left field fence, about 700 feet from home plate I believe Wally Moon hit a moon shot home run.this was an interesting account of the 2013, 2014, and 2015 season with a lot of inside, locker room and front office stuff that us Dodger fans like but non Dodger fans will probably not find interesting Molly Knight confirms that Puig is an arrogant punk, Zach Grienke is a tortured soul and a great pitcher , Clayton Kershaw really is all that, A.J Ellis is a bit of a nut, and Hanley Ramirez is talented but clueless. i really enjoyed this book It provides an in depth look at the Dodgers transition from embattled franchise under the McCourts to free spending juggernauts under the Guggenheim group Knight chronicles every step of the way My one complaint is that it is blatantly obvious that Knight is a Dodger fan I would prefer a impartial view, but it seems as though in her view no one associated with the team under the Guggenheim group can do any wrong Still, a very well written, entertaining book that I highly recommend.

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