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The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth (English Edition) National BestsellerHe Was The Sultan Of Swat The Caliph Of Clout The Wizard Of Whack The Bambino And Simply, To His Teammates, The Big BamBabe Ruth Was Than Baseballs Original Superstar For Eighty Five Years, He Has Remained The Sports Reigning Titan He Has Been Named Athlete Of The Century Than Once But Who Was This Large, Loud, Enigmatic Man Why Is So Little Known About His Childhood, His Private Life, And His Inner Thoughts In The Big Bam, Leigh Montville, Whose Recent New York Times Bestselling Biography Of Ted Williams Garnered Glowing Reviews And Offered An Exceptionally Intimate Look At Williamss Life, Brings His Trademark Touch To This Groundbreaking, Revelatory Portrait Of The Babe From The Award Winning Author Of The New York Timesbestseller Ted Williamscomes The Thoroughly Original, Definitively Ambitious, And Exhilaratingly Colorful Biography Of The Largest Legend Ever To Loom In Baseballand In The History Of Organized SportsBased On Newly Discovered Documents And Interviewsincluding Pages From Ruths Personal Scrapbooks The Big Bam Traces Ruths Life From His Bleak Childhood In Balti To His Brash Entrance Into Professional Baseball, From Boston To New York And Into The Record Books As The Worlds Most Explosive Slugger And Cultural Luminary For those of us who grew up listening to baseball games on the radio rather than seeing them on television, this abridged audio is a real treat Leigh Montville s dramatic story of the Sultan of Swat, the Bambino, the Big Bam, comes to life as Adam Grupper recounts both observed the called home run and recreated moments in this fine recording After all, would you rather read about someone hitting the longest home run in a given ball park or listen to a virtually breathless account of the same I know which I would choose every time Leigh Montville is one of our most talented sportswriters He could just as easily be covering a important beat such as the White House or writing novels He s that good Why do I say that He takes a single fact, Babe Ruth ended up in a reform school orphanage for most of his young life, and creates a mental image of what might have happened on that morning when his father took him to St Mary s While relating that tale, Mr Montville deftly points out how little we know about Babe Ruth the man as opposed to Babe Ruth the baseball player and why we probably won t every know very much I especially enjoyed Mr Montville s description of the fog or the dense mystery about so much of Babe Ruth s life Why did his parents abandon him Why wouldn t he talk about his youth Why did his wife die in another man s bed Why did he gamble so recklessly.Naturally, the baseball player is visible Mr Montville constructs a helpful picture of the endless baseball activities at St Mary s, how Babe Ruth probably learned his upper cut swing that revolutionized baseball in an era when everyone else hit down on the ball , how Babe Ruth was discovered, the transition from being a pitcher to being an everyday player and hitter, how Babe Ruth really ended up traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees, and why he was exiled from baseball after his playing days were over.But the private person is also revealed in powerful vignettes such as the Babe s loyalty to St Mary s and orphanages, the terrible racial taunting he received from those who believed him to be an African American, his non stop pace on limited sleep, and his making up with his father.Naturally, as a long time baseball fan, I felt I knew about Babe Ruth But my picture was slightly out of focus Experiencing the play by play of his life made the Babe come to life for me than ever before.Mr Montville also does an excellent job of explaining why so much remains murky about the Babe s life both in terms of the Babe s reticence and the code of conduct that the press observed in those restrained reporting days. The Big Bam tells the fascinating story of the man behind the legend Author Leigh Montville does an excellent job of intertwining the man into the baseball hero, without neglecting either.Babe Ruth was a character from the wrong side of the tracks whose make up was often lost in the fog Was he really part Negro Who were the parents of his daughter We may never know for sure.Raised in St Mary s Industrial School for Boys, he first learned to play ball from the Xavierian Brothers who ran the school Growing up with nothing, he exercised no restraint when he had everything The tales of his undisciplined drinking including during prohibition and philandering leave the reader aghast at the life style led by the Babe The failure of his first marriage and strange relationship with his daughter baffle the mind Yet, through it all, Ruth emerges as worthy of hero worship and, in the end, a sympathetic character, a big kid who never grew up.The Sultan of Swat is never ignored in the book For the baseball fan, this book highlights a legendary career and brings out some facts that may have gone unnoticed For example, I have seen pictures of the window he broke across the street from Sportsman s Park, but I never knew that he was pitching for the Red Sox that day I had not realized that he was the one who wanted to quit pitching in order to hit His sparing with the owners and his managers make for interesting reading His performance is even astonishing when compared to his contemporaries, such as the year that he hit home runs than six teams in the American League Ultimately, it was his undisciplined character which defeated his last dream, that of managing in the major leagues.This is a good read for any fan of the Golden Age of Baseball It makes you admire the athlete and understand the man Play Ball This is the third book I ve read on the life of Babe Ruth and it is by far the best Montville, the author does an outstanding job of capturing the true essence of the man and his times Ruth was larger than life, casually performing acts that other great players could not with maximum effort His lifestyle was a reflection of the period and the popular American culture.To understand Ruth the persona is to better understand the United States post WWI The Babe described here is mystical He is obnoxious, uncouth and ungoverned an cosmic energy in eternal motion But he is also kind, generous and sensitive A clash of conflicting personalities.Montville s writing style reflects the period, the sport and the man He is always entertaining with new facts about a powerful and lovable human being who became one of the most cherished personalities in American history.Treat yourself to a fun read.

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