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The Bullpen Gospels: From The Humble Heights Of A Class A Pitcher S Mound To The Deflating Lows Of Sleeping On His Gun Toting Grandmother S Air Mattress, Veteran Reliever Dirk Hayhurst Steps Out Of The Bullpen To Deliver The Best Pitch Of His Career A Raw, Unflinching And Surprisingly Moving Account Of His Life In The Minors I Enjoyed The Visualizations, Maybe A Little Too Much, And Would Stop Only When I Felt I D Centered Myselfor After One Of My Teammates Hit Me In The Nuts With The Rosin Bag While My Eyes Were ClosedHilariously Self Effacing And Brutally Honest, Hayhurst Captures The Absurdities, The Grim Realities, And The Occasional Nuggets Of Hard Won Wisdom Culled From Four Seasons In The Minors Whether Training Tarantulas To Protect His Room From Thieving Employees In A Backwater Hotel, Watching The Raging Battles Fought Between His Partially Paralyzed Father And His Alcoholic Brother, Or Absorbing The Gentle Mockery Of Some Not Quite Starstruck Schoolchildren, Dirk Reveals A Side Of Baseball, And Life, Rarely Seen On ESPN My Career Has Crash Landed On The Floor Of My Grandma S Old Sewing Room If This Is A Dream Come True, Then Dreams Smell A Lot Like Mothballs And BengaySomewhere Between Bull Durham And The Rookie, The Bullpen Gospels Takes An Unforgettable Trot Around The Inglorious Base Paths Of Minor League Baseball, Where An Inch Separates A Ball From A Strike, And A Razor Thin Margin Can Be The Difference Between The Show Or A Long Trip Home It S Not Often That Someone Comes Along Who Is A Good Pitcher And A Good Writer King Kaufman, Salon After Many Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months And Years Spent In The Bullpen, I Can Verify That This Is A True Picture Of Baseball Tim McCarver There Are Great Truths Within, Of The Kind Usually Unspoken And As He Expresses Them, Dirk Hayhurst Describes Himself As A Real Person Who Moonlights As A Baseball Player In Much The Same Manner, While The Bullpen Gospels Chronicles How All Of Us Face The Impact When We Learn Reality Is Both Far Meaner And Far Richer Than Our Dreams It Also Moonlights As One Of The Best Baseball Books Ever Written Keith Olbermann A Bit Of Jim Bouton, A Bit Of Jim Brosnan, A Bit Of Pat Jordan, A Bit Of Crash Davis, And A Whole Lot Of Dirk Hayhurst Often Hilarious, Sometimes Poignant This Is A Really Enjoyable Baseball Read Bob Costas Fascinatinga Perspective That Fans Rarely See Trevor Hoffman, Pitcher For The Milwaukee BrewersThe Bullpen Gospels Is A Rollicking Good Bus Ride Of A Book Hayhurst Illuminates A Baseball Life Not Only With Wit And Humor, But Also With Thought Provoking Introspection Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated Dirk Hayhurst Has Written A Fascinating, Funny And Honest Account On Life In The Minor Leagues I Loved It Writers Can T Play Baseball, But In This Case, A Player Sure Can Write Tim Kurkjian, Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine, Analyst Reporter ESPN Television Bull Durham Meets Ball Four In Dirk Hayhurst S Hilarious And Moving Account Of Life In Baseball S Glamour Free Bush Leagues Rob Neyer, ESPN If Holden Caulfield Could Dial Up His Fastball To Mph, He Might Have Written This Funny, Touching Memoir About A Ballplayer At A Career And Life Crossroads He Might Have Called It Pitcher In The Rye Instead, He Left It To Dirk Hayhurst, The Only Writer In The Business Who Can Make You Laugh, Make You Cry And Strike Out Ryan Howard King Kaufman, SalonThe Bullpen Gospels Is A Funny Bone Tickling, Tear Duct Stimulating, Feel Good Story That Will Leave Die Hard Baseball Fans And Die Hard Human Beings, For That Matter Well, Feeling Good Bob Mitchell, Author Of Once Upon A Fastball Dirk Hayhurst Is A Part Time Professional Baseball Player Who Enjoys Comic Books, Video Games, And A Good Sugar High Dirk Is A Former Member Of The San Diego Padres, And Currently A Member Of The Toronto Blue Jays Where He Is Temporarily On The Disabled List He Makes His Home In Twinsburg, Ohio, With His Wife Bonnie And Their Pet Garfoose Well, baseball is a lot of things, but it s not everything When I was a young lad, baseball was everything to me Becoming a Major League Baseball player was the only dream I ever knew I remember clearly the day I found out that the big leaguers actually get paid to play And not only did they get paid, they get paid loads of money My tiny child brain could not comprehend why someone would pay me to play baseball when I would do it for free Heck, my parents were playing the city league so I could play.Quickly we all grow up, we begin to understand the dirty reality that is professional baseball Though our dreams persevere, the road to the majors both literal and metaphorical is long and arduous Dirk Hayhurst is the quintessential minor league veteran He hops from town to town, bus to bus, level to level trying to find his main purpose The Bullpen Gospels beautifully intertwines the absurdity of minor league baseball with life s most significant problems In the moment a relief pitcher dealing with a full count with men on base appears crucial, however couple this moment with the tragedy of dysfunctional family and everything gets a new perspective.Dirk Hayhurst is an incredible communicator Once you start this book, it is nearly impossible to set down A great book. This was a mostly enjoyable baseball book, with its focus on the life of a minor league bullpen pitcher But the author spent too much time regaling us with sophomoric tales of sometimes rowdy, sometimes raunchy capers of his teammates in places such as Lake Elsinore, California, and a few Texas League oases Sometimes the anecdotes were funny and the dialog humorous, but for the most part, they were flat Apparently baseball players are just like college frat rats when they re not on the field Probably the reader could spin tales as good or even better from his or her past I would have liked to have read inside baseball I would have like to know about what it s like to be out on the field and not so much about the locker room or the team bus There was some of that, but not enough Hayhurst is a pretty good writer, but I think he was trying to do too much in this book make it interesting, make it humorous, make it poignant and still make it a good baseball book It s not a bad baseball book it gives one a fair taste for what it s like to be a perpetual minor leaguer but it could have been better As I say, it s a good but not great baseball book. It s strange to find a book that s wholesome and raunchy and poignant at the same time, but I guess that s the life of a sensitive, mild guy who has thrown his lot in with big time athletics It s a great read for anyone who loves baseball and enjoys descriptions of life on the road among stunted adolescents There s not much baseball wisdom and no baseball strategy or statistics, but it s full of wonderfully funny descriptions of players, ballparks, and that special feeling of being a competitive athlete and of the kinds of things that happen that can bring you down off your pedestal, too.The author, Dirk Hayhurst, is part of the Animal House atmosphere that pervades any male college or pro locker room in any sport, but he s a bit uncomfortable with it and a bit aloof You get the feeling that he does a lot of watching and a lot of quietly returning to his hotel room or apartment, while the guys go out and party And you get the feeling that the guys think he s okay, but none of them really consider him a good friend It s how I ve aleays felt when I ve been thrown into locker room situations First, the raunchy It s mild by baseball tell all standards, but there s all sorts of things about players farting in each other s faces, talking about how big their packages are, etc Hayhurst does a good job of showing how humor pervades the clubhouse and brings together guys from different backgrounds and cultures and guys who are, ultimately, competing against each other for the attention of the major league general manager.Then, the poignant Early in the book, after a couple of chapters about the silliness of spring training speeches, Hayhurst gives a glimpse at why he s sticking it out in Class A minors after four years of not doing very well First, there s black humor about living with his crotchetly grandmother, who makes him sleep on a plastic covered mattress in a junk filled room and tells him Go to hell whenever he suggests that she actually throw out some junk The next chapter describes his family, which can only be called hellish A father who s fallen into depression due to a accident 20 years ago that left him mostly incapacitated a drunk brother who beat up Hayhurst repeatedly throughout their teen years and a mom burned out by caring for the two deadbeats The trio of losers lives on welfare, and Hayhurst visits them as rarely as possible, as all he gets from them is anger and indifference that he has actually tried to make something of himself.Then, the wholesome Hayhurst is a rules follower, which makes him an anomaly in baseball circles and in his own family culture He is a meek guy He doesn t drink, and he s a virgin late into his 20s This comes out about midway through the book, as he gives a glimpse into his hope for a pristine life without alcohol fueled violence and with a lovely, caring wife As the book chronicles a season in which he had his most significant success in the minors and moves up to AA for a team that wins a championship, he gets into the wholesome, cliched baseball writing that went out of style in about 1960 s kids books Needless to say, I didn t like the part about the team came together one for all, all for one, etc But those are likely to be genuine feelings, so you can t argue with it.The book ends on an even upbeat note I won t spoil it. This book is by turns real, insane, funny, and sobering It s about one mans journey to make it to big league baseball It s an inside look at the grind that is minor league baseball it s about self discovery and a stick to itness again all odds It s about over coming obstacles and achieving your goals as much as it is about finding out who you really are and where you re headed If you like an insiders take on baseball then you ll love this book I certainly did More Please.

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