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The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide: How to Learn Your Next Programming Language, Ace Your Programming Interview, and Land The Coding Job Of Your Dreams (English Edition) Sehr gutes Werk, zu allgemeinen Softwareentwickler Karriere Themen Einfach mal in das Inhaltsverzeichniss schaun.Die einzelnen Kapitel sind abgeschlossene Themenbereiche Man kann nur die Themen lesen die einen Interesieren und immer wieder nachschlagen, wenn man allgemeinen Fragen zu seiner Softwareentwickler Karriere hat. Technical Knowledge Alone Isn T Enough Increase Your Software Development Income By Leveling Up Your Soft Skills Early In His Software Developer Career, John Sonmez Discovered That Technical Knowledge Alone Isn T Enough To Break Through To The Next Income Level Developers Need Soft Skills Like The Ability To Learn New Technologies Just In Time, Communicate Clearly With Management And Consulting Clients, Negotiate A Fair Hourly Rate, And Unite Teammates And Coworkers In Working Toward A Common Goal As John Invested In These Skills His Career Took Off, And He Became A Highly Paid, Highly Sought After Developer And Consultant Today John Helps Than Million Programmers Every Year To Increase Their Income By Developing This Unique Blend Of Skills If You Re A Developer, Green Or A Veteran, You Owe It To Yourself To Read The Complete Software Developers Career Guide Jason Down, Platform Developer, Ontario, Canada What You Will Learn In This Book How To Systematically Find And Fill The Gaps In Your Technical Knowledge So You Can Face Any New Challenge With Confidence Should You Take Contract Work Or Hold Out For A Salaried Position Which Will Earn You , What The Tradeoffs Are, And How Your Personality Should Sway Your Choice Should You Learn JavaScript, C , Python, C How To Decide Which Programming Language You Should Master First Ever Notice How Every Job Ever Posted Requires Years Of Experience, Which You Don T Have Simple Solution For This Frustrating Chicken And Egg Problem That Allows You To Build Legitimate Job Experience While You Learn To Code Is Earning A Computer Science Degree A Necessity Or A Total Waste Of Time How To Get A College Degree With Maximum Credibility And Minimum Debt Coding Bootcamps Some Are Great, Some Are Complete Scams How To Tell The Difference So You Don T Find Yourself Cheated Out Of , Interviewer Tells You, Dress Code Is Casual Around Here The Development Team Wears Flipflops What Should You Wear How Do You Deal With A Boss Who S A Micromanager Plus How Helping Your Manager With His Goals Can Make You The MVP Of Your Team The Technical Skills That Every Professional Developer Must Have But No One Teaches You Most Developers Are Missing Some Critical Pieces, They Don T Teach This Stuff In College, You Re Expected To Just Know This An Inside Look At The Recruiting Industry What That Friendly Recruiter Really Wants From You, How They Get Paid, And How To Avoid Getting Pigeonholed Into A Job You Ll Hate Who Should Read This Book Entry Level Developers This Book Will Show You How To Ensure You Have The Technical Skills Your Future Boss Is Looking For, Create A Resume That Leaps Off A Hiring Manager S Desk, And Escape The No Work Experience Trap Mid Career Developers You Ll See How To Find And Fill In Gaps In Your Technical Knowledge, Position Yourself As The One Team Member Your Boss Can T Live Without, And Turn Those Dreaded Annual Reviews Into Chance To Make An Iron Clad Case For Your Salary Bump Senior Developers This Book Will Show You How To Become A Specialist Who Can Command Above Market Wages, How Building A Name For Yourself Can Make Opportunities Come To You, And How To Decide Whether Consulting Or Entrepreneurship Are Paths You Should Pursue Brand New Developers In This Book You Ll Discover What It S Like To Be A Professional Software Developer, How To Go From I Know Some Code To Possessing The Skills To Work On A Development Team, How To Speed Along Your Learning By Avoiding Common Beginner Traps, And How To Decide Whether You Should Invest In A Programming Degree Or Bootcamp Der Autor hat hiermit ein sehr umfangreiches Werk geschaffen, das wirklich alle Aspekte der Karriere gr ndlich beleuchtet Der Autor hat auch eine sehr pers nliche Art zu schreiben Wer keine Lust hat mehrere B cher zu kaufen um all den Inhalt zu bekommen, kann hier gerne zuschlagen Zumal der Preis zumindest f r die Kindle Version sehr fair ist. I wish i could have this book during my studies The the the the the the the the the the best Das Buch begleitet einen auf dem Werdegang zum Softwareentwickler und dar ber hinaus Eine detaillierte Schritt f r Schritt Anleitung welche einfach zu verstehen ist Selbst f r NICHT Softwareentwickler finden sich im Buch wertvolle Konzepte Das Buch hat mir sehr geholfen einen Job zu finden. it s just great and really motivational the pleasure to read and very helpful content.I would like to recommend his first book also It was a nice read I had to skip a large amount of the book as I already have read them on the blog the author states the same in his book , but still it was nice to have them all in one place with a good structure within a book. The book is not bad, there are plenty of useful things for everyone, but what i don t like is the commercials on every second page.As soon as u deep dive yourself author interrupts you with something like I am sorry but i need to advertise myself and then he literally bombs you.

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