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The Yankee Years The Definitive Story Of One Of The Greatest Dynasties In Baseball History, Joe Torre S New York YankeesWhen Joe Torre Took Over As Manager Of The Yankees In , They Had Not Won A World Series Title In Eighteen Years In That Time Seventeen Others Had Tried To Take The Helm Of Americas Most Famous Baseball Team Each One Was Fired By George Steinbrenner After Twelve Triumphant Seasonswith Twelve Straight Playoff Appearances, Six Pennants, And Four World Series TitlesTorre Left The Yankees As The Most Beloved Manager In Baseball But Dealing With Players Like Jason Giambi, A Rod, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens, And Randy Johnson Is What Managing Is All About Here, For The First Time, Joe Torre And Tom Verducci Take Readers Inside The Dugout, The Clubhouse, And The Front Office, Showing What It Took To Keep The Yankees On Top Of The Baseball World I m a long time MLB NY Yankees fan I wanted to learn about Joe Torre and the years he managed the Yankees.The writer and researcher Tom Verducci with Joe Torre s input have wrote a good book about Joe Torre and the twelve years with the NY Yankees The book has some GREAT color pictures The book read well A few parts were a little dry in regards to some the exact play by play by players I never heard of However,95% of the book was good.We see Joe Torre hired as the manager of the NY Yankees He was the owner George Steinbrenner s forth choice Joe had a below average managing record with no WS experience The media and fans called him clueless Joe as they believed he had no idea of how to win the World Series.What Joe had was many great players Finally he had the big horses super stars to be a winner.We see Joe s management style of honesty,openness and dignity He wanted to treat all his players and upper management with honesty He preferred face to face explanations rather than behind someones back Unfortunately some of the players and management did things behind his back and made deals We see George Steinbrenner when he was younger as a micro manager using his lieutenants to deliver the bad news and do roundabouts behind Torre s back Lots of stabbing in the back Steinbrenner tried to rule by threats and intimidation Torre had non of it and stood up to him and did not let George intimidate him Of course there were things Joe had no control of as George had the money to effect trades ect We see Cashman as the GM working with George and Joe.After three WS series wins, and spending much much than any other baseball club Steinbrenner expected the Yankees to win every year Any thing less was not acceptable We see the mistakes of getting expensive players who contributed very little to the Yankees and were gone the next year The core Yankees got older and older and the pitching farm system stunk Upper management spend millions and millions on throw away bad pitchers The Yankees did have a few great pitchers and a great closer but they were getting older and less reliable.Also we see the TV revenue distributed to all the ball clubs helping to partially level the spending field Also Cleveland who did not have big money to compete with the Yankees developed intelligence software technology to have all baseball players stats available to them This way they could go after a hidden gem that Yankee scouts knew nothing about.We see the Yankees throwing away millions of dollars on players that did not work out rather than using information gathering technology Also teams like the Indians would sign 15 Latin country players for a tiny 10,000 bonus a piece Even if one of them developed into a good player they were well ahead.INMO the woes of the Yankees after Torres three WSW wins were a large part due to upper managements style of finding playersusing the old system of throwing money around vs the newer system of info technology to find hidden gem players Plus the expensive players getting older and less reliable did not help.We see Joe getting his forth WS win but the Yankees having problems Steinbrenner is older and not doing well physically and mentally He delegates a team of the voices to run the Yankees as he is only a shell of his former self After his contract is over, Joe asks the voices and Steinbrenner Do you want me to manage next year Joe tells GM Cashman his plan for a two year contract with major give backs in the second year if he doesn t do well Cashman is supposed to present this to the voices He does not and stabs Torre in the back Joe says no to a one year 5 Million contract as he did not want to be under the micro managing thumb of the voices and a lame duck one term manager who would be threatened to be fired all the time.Joe leaves the Yankees thanking George for the opportunity to manage the Yankees and all the good years he had.The book had kind of a sad ending with Torre being stabbed in the back by unsupportive GM Cashman and the unappreciative the voices A good book, learning about the Yankees in the Torre years through Joe Torre s eyes 4 stars Books can e written on baseball at many different levels, from a listing of the rules and explaining each one to the philosophy behind the game and how it came to be called America s Game The book by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci falls closely behind The Philosophy o Baseball , it is not a review of Torre, his wins and losses nor is it really a study of his philosophy on managing a ball club it is a study of clubhouse politics and beliefs and the personalities involved Torre must have talked to Verducci and given him many insights into the players and their foibles and abilities but he must also have done the same for some of the managers and in particular for the major owner, George Steinbrenner Torre lived and managed the Yankees through three major turning points of what baseball meant and to whom it was given to be great enough for them to affect baseball These turning points were the influence of drugs, particularly the anabolic steroids, but so many players it would take many pages to list them all McGuire s and Sosa s challenging run to determine who would hit the greatest number of home runs in a season fascinated so many fans the club owners turned a deaf ear to the hints of steroid use and abuse as they watched the fans money roll in.The second turning point came with the Red Sox and their study of the statistics for the players, getting away from the reliance on scouting reports and batting averages, or, for pitchers, on earned run average, instead of pitches tossed per game The third change was the emphasis by the players themselves on their statistic, how this should affect their pay and how high this pay shpuld go depending on these same statistics.This third turning point destroyed the Yankees since their greatness was founded on club unity if the first man could not do what was needed the next man would step up and take his place Torre was not a good enough manager to maintain this philosophy among his players, he inherited a club a club forged in this manner but as the older players succumbed to age and retirement the new players coming in were slaves to their belief in their statistics and could not be weaned from the one system to the older and better one, nor was Torre equipped to manage correctly under the new one developing In the book Torre always spoke of trust between management and the players, methinks he did protest too much and it is only his word about trust, no one to verify it, that exists He did speak of many players he managed but I failed to see where he showed too much trust in any of them But the book was interesting anyhow, and George Steinbrenner was well defined He supposedly trusted Brian Cashman but was devastated when Cashman kept his mouth closed when Torre was let go.Where was the trust Did it exist with anyone If you are a Yankee fan, this is must reading If you are a Red Sox fan, you may enjoy the book than you think If you are a Rays fan, it will give you hope If you are a Dodger fan, it will add to your admiration for Joe Torre.I admire Joe Torre and as a life long Dodger fan was thrilled when he came to Chavez Ravine to manage I wasn t surprised when the Dodgers made the playoffs It s a big loss for the Yankees, but the miracle is that Torre was willing to put up with the Yankee ownership and leadership so long.I also live in Boston and usually don t miss a pitch of any Red Sox Yankee games I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Yankee Years explores the underlying reasons why the rivalry went from being one that the Yankees comfortably dominated to one that has recently favored the Red Sox Just to give you a sense of how seriously people in Boston take the rivalry, I was stopped several times as I walked down the street carrying this book by people belligerently asking me if I was a Yankee fan.Although the Yankees are the subject here, the book spends a lot of time on the newer ways of picking free agents, the effects of the luxury tax and subsidy to the small market teams, better ways to develop players, steroids and HGH, and other general baseball subjects For someone who isn t a Yankee fan, this made the book interesting If you are Yankee fan, you probably won t think it s all so great since much of it points out weaknesses in the Yankees.Although I don t read the New York baseball reports columns, I was surprised to see that the book contained very little information about the Yankees that wasn t covered in Boston Now if you don t live in New York or Boston and can t watch a lot of the Yankee games, this book may be of interest to you than someone who keeps on top of the franchise.I liked the way the book lets the record speak for itself in pointing out how badly pitchers picked up by the Yankees have performed in recent years Joe Torre is a classy guy and he wasn t going to just trash everyone Using numbers and statistics to portray how well Torre did with an ever weaker set of players despite having a very expensive payroll was deftly done.I found the book overall to be enjoyable, but too long With some editing, it could have been much shorter A lot of the points are repeated way too often.

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