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Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty (English Edition) Amazing book I have always loved well researched books in which the author disposes of multiple myths that had become engrained in the public mind as fact I even got to do a little of this in my work on my MA thesis in history, Therefore Charles Leerhsen s Ty Cobb A Terrible Beauty was a book I could hardly put down.Leerhson tackles the larger than life persona of Ty Cobb All serious baseball fans know he was the greatest Deadball Era baseball player, the all time hits leader until Pete Rose came along and holds a likely unbreakable record for best career batting average Most of us had one thing in common with those who just vaguely knew that Cobb had been a baseball star We ALL knew that Cobb had been at very best an ornery, wildly over competitive zealot who reflected the typical prejudices of a southerner born in 1886 At worst he was a virulent racist who would not even allow a black person to speak to him and was widely hated by his contemporary players I mean, we had ALL seen Field of Dreams in which Shoeless Joe Jackson says that Cobb wanted to join their magical cornfield existence, but they had told him to get lost and Cobb, with Tommy Lee Jones as Cobb trying to rape hotel workers, shooting his gun at hospital nurses and taking offense that Sweet Georgia Brown had become know as the Harlem Globetrotters theme song and being an outcast at a Hall of Fame gathering.There was just one thing wrong with our knowledge Most of it wasn t true.Leerhsen painstakingly removes the varnish of oft repeated and embellished tales and gets down to actual contemporary accounts, public records from the time and personal recollections of many who knew him The Cobb we find was much different than the one sensationalist writer Al Stump largely created out of whole cloth.Overly competitive A bit Aggressive, with a tendency to take out infielders and get into fistfights during off hours Sure but not really much so than the average player of his rough and tumble era Hated by teammates and opponents Clearly not Joe Jackson was thrilled when Cobb dropped in at his liquor store in the 1930s and would have considered the cornfield league incomplete without him Abusive husband Try again In an era when it wasn t considered to most manly thing to do among players, Cobb than once got permission to leave the team to be by his first wife s bedside during her numerous difficult pregnancies Virulent racist Not even marginally close Leerhsen spends time discussing and debunking this time honored notion than anything else.Without spoiling the specifics for potential readers, Leerhsen does a great job of debunking the false veneer that has yellowed Ty Cobb s portrait over the past 50 years This is a must read for any real baseball fan, any reader who enjoys the investigation of historic tales and anyone else who believes in people getting a fair hearing. Like many students of baseball history, I had always admired Cobb the player but believed Cobb the person much less admirable I assumed he was simply a man of his time and place who could not overcome being born in the Deep South during segregation nor perhaps a natural inclination towards misanthropy Charles Leerhsen s Ty Cobb A Terrible Beauty has convinced that nearly everything I knew about Cobb was wrong.Largely thanks to scholarship that emerged only at the very end of Cobb s life and interestingly, at odds with evidence from much earlier periods his reputation is that of a miserable, friendless, racist lout When his name is invoked today, it s usually to denounce the hypocrisy of the Hall of Fame s so called character clause if the Hall really cared about character, they d kick Cobb out Yet as Leerhsen notes this flies in the face of the simple fact that Cobb was not only in the very first Hall of Fame class, but received votes than any other player including Babe Ruth, belying the notion that he was disliked by his contemporaries African Americans who personally knew him were quoted as saying they not only liked him, but loved him So, where did the myth begin and why does it continue An important part of A Terrible Beauty is helping us to understand how baseball has gotten a vital part of its own story so wrong.Time and time again, Leerhsen peels back numerous myths and subjects them to painstaking scrutiny He accepts nothing at face value His judicious use of evidence leaves us a much better understanding of this complicated man who was the best player of baseball in its purest form The Cobb that emerges in Leerhsen s combination of biography, history and literature for it is brilliantly written as well is a fascinating contradiction He was a man who exploited any perceived weakness on the ball field without a second thought A fielder in what he and other players of the era considered his right of way on the base paths did so at the risk of significant injury But the same Cobb would also plead for leniency for a man who had stolen his car and took great pains to answer his fan mail religiously with advice, signing autographs and mailing photos, even courteously thanking the writer for the honor of the request.Leerhsen s readers are also treated to a superb description of the era in which Cobb played a vital aspect of his story given how different the game was prior to 1920 when runs were scarce and home runs almost non existent Cobb s determination first to get on base lifetime OBP of.433 and move along the base paths until he scored second only to Ricky Henderson in lifetime runs was unparalleled He was a serious student of the game who lacked the natural gifts of a Joe Jackson, but compensated by intellect and intensity His greatest satisfaction was solving the puzzles of the diamond, and outsmarting opponents.Cobb was no saint He got into his share of fights when his Southern sensibilities were aroused, but given what a rough and brutal age it was in general, and the behavior typical of the very blue collar class from which ball players generally emerged, he was not atypical of his generation in this regard Leehsen s mastery of the times in which Cobb lived is extraordinarily illuminating as no part of the Cobb myth is spared his careful appraisal Given how manifestly incorrect our current perception of Ty Cobb is, then, this may be the most important baseball history book to have been published in years. Leerhsen has done all sports fans and indeed everyone concerned with journalistic integrity a service by retelling the Cobb story with an eye for accuracy and plausibility, thereby uprooting generations of myths, fictional concoctions, and outright lies about this complex remarkably talented player Cobb was no angel, but neither was he a racist, a liar, or a gambler caught up in the Black Sox scandal following the 1919 World Series The reader is treated to many anecdotes, mostly concerning Cobb s game, but also his relationships with a the zany individuals who populated the game during the dead ball era.When done with the book, the reader can reflect on other myths created by an increasingly illegitimate journalism profession, myths created by endless repetition rather than fact The catastrophic global warming scam comes immediately to mind as the lead case of a myth widely believed, created by repetitive propaganda rather than fact, and amplified by a political system populated by corrupt institutions and practitioners. No Matter What You Think Of Ty Cobb, Youll Want To Read Charles Leerhsens Fascinating Biography, As He Dispels Rumors, Exposes Frauds, And Challenges Everything You Thought You Knew About The Most Controversial Individual Ever To Play The Great Game Of Baseball Kevin Baker, Author Of Sometimes You See It Coming Not Only The Best Work Ever Written On This American Sports Legend Its A Major Reconsideration Of A Reputation Unfairly Maligned For Decades Allen Barra The Boston Globe Superbly Reported, Wonderfully Written And Often Quite Funny, Charles Leerhsens Ty Cobb A Terrible Beauty, Is A Highly Enlightening And Highly Enjoyable Book A New Cobb Emergesmany Faced And Passionatein This Important, Original View Of A Figure Well Installed In Baseball Lore This Is A First Rate Book By A First Rate Writer Kostya Kennedy, Author Of Joe DiMaggio And The Last Magic Number In Sports Surprise It Wasnt The Georgia Peach Who Was Prejudiced Especially , It Was Us, Against Him Leerhsens Feat Of Research Brings The Real Cobb Home At Last Roy Blount Jr Author Of Alphabet Juice Ground Breaking, Thorough And Compelling The Most Complete, Well Researched And Thorough Treatment Of Cobb That Has Ever Been Written Bob D Angelo Tampa Tribune Now Cobb Has An Advocate, One Who S Actually Read All The Old Newspaper Clippings Some Of Which Flatly Contradict Common Knowledge , Visited The Terrain, And Interviewed As Many Relevant People As He Could Find Cobb Was Indeed A Bruised Peach But, As The Author Shows Convincingly, Not A Thoroughly Rotten One Kirkus Reviews Starred ReviewLeerhsen S Magisterial Reexamination Presents A Detailed View Of Cobb Culled From Actual Research Rather Than Hearsay Thanks To Exhaustive Research, We Now Have A Realistic And Sympathetic View Of Cobb This Is An Important Work For Baseball And American Historians As Cobb Was One Of The Country S First True Superstars Library Journal Leerhsen Wraps His Penetrating Profile Of Cobb In Gripping Play By Play Rundowns And A Colorful Portrait Of The Anarchic Dead Ball Era, When Players Played Drunk And Fans Chased Offending Umpires From The Field This Is A Stimulating Evocation Of Baseballs Rambunctious Youth And The Man Who Epitomized It Publishers Weekly Charles Leerhsen Has Done Baseball Aficionados A Great Mercy By Bringing To Life Ty Cobb, The Man And The Ballplayerwarts And All, Some Might Say And Even , Leerhsen Summons Up The Days When Baseball Was Young And Innocent And, One Thinks, Filled With A Kind Of Raw Vitality That Is Missing Today They Dont Make Them Like Thator Like Cobbany And The Real Cobb Is Compelling Than The One Of Legend And Film Geoffrey Norman The Weekly Standard A Clear Eyed Portrayal Of Cobb Not As A Tyrant And Not As A Saint It Showcases Cobb As A Flawed And Vulnerable Human Being Who, After Suffering A Nervous Breakdown His Second Season, Came Back To Fearlessly Embrace His Talent In An Era That Was Just Discovering What It Meant To Love Baseball Anna Clark Detroit Free PressA Fascinating And Authoritative Biography Of Perhaps The Most Controversial Player In Baseball History, Ty CobbThe Best Work Ever Written On This American Sports Legend Its A Major Reconsideration Of A Reputation Unfairly Maligned For Decades The Boston GlobeTy Cobb Is Baseball Royalty, Maybe Even The Greatest Player Ever His Lifetime Batting Average Is Still The Highest In History, And When He Retired In , After Twenty One Years With The Detroit Tigers And Two With The Philadelphia Athletics, He Held Than Ninety Records But The Numbers Dont Tell Half Of Cobbs Tale The Georgia Peach Was By Far The Most Thrilling Player Of The Era When The Hall Of Fame Began In , He Was The First Player Voted In But Cobb Was Also One Of The Games Most Controversial Characters He Got In A Lot Of Fights, On And Off The Field, And Was Often Accused Of Being Overly Aggressive Even His Supporters Acknowledged That He Was A Fierce Competitor, But He Was Also Widely Admired After His Death In , However, His Reputation Morphed Into That Of A Virulent Racist Who Also Hated Children And Women, And Was In Turn Hated By His Peers How Did This Happen Who Is The Real Ty Cobb Setting The Record Straight, Charles Leerhsen Pushed Aside The Myths, Traveled To Georgia And Detroit, And Re Traced Cobbs Journey From The Shy Son Of A Professor And State Senator Who Was Progressive On Race For His Time To Americas First True Sports Celebrity The Result Is A Noble And Convincing The New York Times Book Reviewbiography That Is Groundbreaking, Thorough, And CompellingThe Most Complete, Well Researched, And Thorough Treatment That Has Ever Been Written The Tampa Tribune

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