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Veeck--As In Wreck: The Autobiography of Bill Veeck Bill Veeck Was An Inspired Team Builder, A Consummate Showman, And One Of The Greatest Baseball Men Ever Involved In The Game His Classic Autobiography, Written With The Talented Sportswriter Ed Linn, Is An Uproarious Book Packed With Information About The History Of Baseball And Tales Of Players And Owners, Including Some Of The Most Entertaining Stories In All Of Sports Literature If you love Jean Shepherd you will love this book Full of nostalgia and old Americana Transported me to a simpler time before MLB was the mega business it is today and it was all about the game and it s quirky personalities A must read for any basball history fan. Bill Veeck was a true maverick before that term got tossed around by crazed hockey moms vp wannabee s Anyway the story of this man who was known for sending a midget to bat in the majors and, later in life, the disco demolition fiasco in Chicago, was than those events He was the kind of guy who got it about pro sports He knew that the fan should come first and that this should be fun Aftert reading this, you ll want to give the rest of the owners, agents and prima donna athletes a copy in hope that they too will see the light The book is his autobiography of sorts that tells about his philosophy about the game and business than it does about the facts of his life A fun read, essential for baseball fans, about the coolest owner ever A hall of fame read, from a hall of famer. When John McCain ran for President in 2008 as a maverick, he would have been well advised to read this very autobiography to find how a real maverick operates Veeck did it with a cheerful outlook, without rancor or bitterness, and with an impish sense of humor He was truly a man of the people.I remember Veeck as a White Sox in the late 1970 s, when he bought the team, and against all odds, fielded the South Side Hitmen and made a run for the pennant with no defense or pitching Veeck brought innovation and fun to Comiskey Park, and was no newcomer to baseball by then Had he been a racecar driver, he would have been on the 480th lap of the Indy 500 Veeck, who lost a leg due to a combat wound, who was a four pack a day smoker, who rarely slept than three hours a night had a curious, intelligent and unstoppable mind.In reading his thoughts, I was struck by the prescient content of his thoughts on baseball In 1962, he proposed revenue sharing for visiting teams on television revenues, predicting that small market teams would not be able to compete in the future He was the first owner who believed expansion would bestow increased popularity on baseball And, in immortal words, said that it was not the price of superstardom that would haunt payrolls, but the price of mediocrity.His energy was astounding He turned a profit in Milwaukee pre Braves and Brewers by sheer hustle, promotion, and horse trademanship He brought a world Series to Cleveland by know how, and made himself a beloved figure in that great town.But through it all, there is his prevailing love for baseball, and the loyalty, admiration and love for his second wife This is an inspiring story about an original man. The two things you need to know before you buy Veeck As In Wreck and you will buy this book, you must, if you ve ever bought any professional sports bio before are the names Veeck and Linn.Bill Veeck you know from reputation the wacky promoter who invented everything from Ladies Day to Disco Demolition Night The man owned several baseball franchises including the Chicago White Sox twice, for some reason , and was known as a both a promotional genius and a shrewd financier.As for Ed Linn well, Linn was also the ghostwriter for another fantastic, edgy, opinionated baseball book, Leo Durocher s Nice Guys Finish Last Not surprisingly, Veeck reads a lot like the Durocher tome and it came first, too On every page here you ll find a funny anecdote, a scary bit of prescience, and a unique look at an otherwise beloved icon With Veeck s memory and Linn s acid pen, this book is quite hard to put down Or to pick up, for that matter.Sports bios tend to hold back these days, let s face it They re not as long and not as insightful as the Linn books And the gift of time has helped ripen these pages When Veeck talks about baseball s financial need to institute interleague play writing from 1961 you know this man saw around a few decades worth of corners When he takes the Yankees to task for failing to capitalize on Roger Maris s pursuit of the Babe Ruth home run record, and notes that it was a once in a lifetime event, he s right so baseball got it right in 98, when McGwire came to town, and when the record fell yet again in 01, hardly anyone noticed.In the meantime you ll laugh at the sad fates of Bobo Holloman and Frank Saucier, the latter being the only ballplayer ever to be removed from a game for a midget You ll be intrigued by Veeck s take on Larry Doby, and by his bitter retorts at Del Webb, then owner of the hated behemoth Yankees And you ll marvel at just how little has really changed in baseball since Veeck was retired Owners plotting franchise shifts in shady back room deals Montreal, Florida Florida, Boston Owners doing everything to baseball except what really benefits the sport It s a tie in Milwaukee Veeck lamenting not the high price of talent but rather the high price of mediocrity how much is Colorado paying for Denny Neagle and Mike Hampton Just about the only highlight not covered is the sight of White Sox outfielder Chet Lemon wearing shorts One of the few Bill Veeck innovations that did not catch on, and aren t we all better off

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