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This book was not what I expected, but not in a bad way I was expecting a lighthearted, anecdote filled narrative with, frankly, some goofy stuff Instead, what I found was a series of tales of shattered dreams, grit, determination, realism and frustration about a group of men who give everything to the game, most of whom will never see the inside of a major league locker room or, worse, see it for only a few days in their entire careers Most are locked in to baseball, not because they don t have other options in their lives though many don t , but because they can t imagine life without being part of it And not just the players, but the coaches, the umpires and even the announcers This book opened my eyes to a whole new world that most of us never think about and we suddenly realize that even though WE weren t good enough to play the game at the highest level, our beliefs about what happens when someone signs with a major league organization are not even remotely close to the reality.It was a sad, sad book, but one well worth reading Even at the top, there are just too many really good players and not enough openings The baseball world grinds on, chewing up these young hopefuls and casting them aside when they can no longer contribute or sometimes, even when they can A must read for any serious fan or student of the game. I have never read any of John Feinstein s other works Reading the other reviews it is clear most everyone has, and after reading this book I will get right on it There is a tendency in baseball books other than fact packs like Baseball Prospectus to pick an emotion and stick with it The author has the rare ability to present the facts in an unbiased way that allowed me to develop my own opinions of the subjects two managers, three pitchers, an outfielder, a DH and an umpire and their pursuits of big league dreams He doesn t play a Bull Durham heartbreak angle and this isn t a fluff piece promoting one or two of the subjects of the book Even better is the fact it isn t a hit piece on an individual, a team, the sport, or the system and how it churns and burns dreams The most amazing part of this book is how it allows the reader to feel the sense of urgency these guys have In some cases the men have a long road ahead and patience is a virtue they can t afford to possess In other cases it is truly a last chance at the show, where a string of a couple of bad games could truly mean the end of the only life they have known since childhood I can t believe how much I felt for the subjects of this book Imagine being in your twenties or early thirties and being a doctor, lawyer, or banker and hearing it s time to move on to another life I had a tendency to look at players who couldn t quite make it as numbers, not people It is easy to say you should have chosen a realistic profession This book changed my thoughts, and I can see how easy it is to get lost in your dreams If you can read this book and not check box scores to see how these guys are doing, and checking the umpire power rankings to see where Mark Lollo sits If you think the timeline for players is short imagine being near the top of the tmac Umpire chart with the comment Over 30 and stock is sinking Read this book It is worth your time even if you have no interest in baseball or sports in general. As I write this review, 2015 Spring Training is about to cometo an end, and with the start of the new season comes theassignments.Some players will be shocked, some will be very disappointed,and some will retire.Such is life, in the Minor Leagues of Baseball.Once the first week of April passes, it becomes all about thecall..A tap on the shoulder, and the words, Skip wants to see you in hisoffice, can cause a player s knees to lock up in fear.Fear of being demoted, fear of being let go, fear of being traded, andyes, even fear of being called up.I live in a town, where we have had 2 high A teams, and now havea wooden bat, extended Spring Training League team.I was a personal trainer at a local gym, that had a contract with theteams, and I trained many of them.I saw first hand, how player movement effected the minds of theseyoung men.This book takes you on the field, in the locker rooms, and into thehomes, of a hand full of minor league players, and even that of the longtime manager of the Durham Bulls, they being 65 miles from where I live,that was let go after last season.So, grab a hot dog and a cold one, sit back, and enjoy a trip to the Minor BaseballLeagues. From The Acclaimed Bestsellingauthor A Riveting Journey Through The World Of Minor League BaseballNo One Grows Up Playing Baseball Pretending That Theyre Pitching Or Hitting In Triple AChris Schwinden, Triple A PitcherIf You Dont Like It Here, Do A Better JobRon Johnson, Triple A ManagerJohn Feinstein Gave Readers An Unprecedented View Of The PGA Tour In A Good Walk Spoiled He Opened The Door To An NCAA Basketball Locker Room In His Explosive Bestseller A Season On The Brink Now, Turning His Eye To Our National Pastime, Sports Journalist John Feinstein Explores The Colorful And Mysterious World Of Minor League Baseballa Gateway Through Which All Major League Players Pass In Their Careers Hoping Never To Return Baseballs Minor Leagues Are A Paradox For Some Players, The Minors Are A Glorious Launching Pad Toward Years Of Fame And Fortune For Others, A Crash Landing Pad When Injury Or Poor Play Forces A Big Leaguer Back To A Life Of Obscure Ballparks And Cramped Buses Instead Of Fenway Park And Plush Charter Planes Focusing Exclusively On The Triple A Level, One Step Beneath Major League Baseball, Feinstein Introduces Readers To Nine Unique Men Three Pitchers, Three Position Players, Two Managers, And An Umpire Through Their Compelling Stories, Feinstein Pulls Back The Veil On A League That Is Chock Full Of Gifted Baseball Players, Managers, And Umpires Who Are All One Moment Away From Getting Called Upor Backto The Majors The Stories Are Hard To Believe A First Round Draft Pick And Pitching Ace Who Rocketed To Major League Success Before Finding Himself Suddenly Out Of The Game, Hatching A Presumptuous Plan To Get One Shot At The Mound A Home Runhitting Former World Series Hero Who Lived The Dream, Then Bounced Among Six Teams Before Facing The Prospects Of An Unceremonious End To His Career A Big League All Star Who, In The Span Of Five Months, Went From Being Completely Out Of Baseball To Becoming A Star In The ALDS, Then Signing A Million Contract And A Well Liked Designated Hitter Who Toiled For Eighteen Seasons In The Minorsa Record He Never Wanted To Setbefore Facing His Final, Highly Emotional Chance For A Call Up To The Big Leagues From Raleigh To Pawtucket, From Lehigh Valleyto Indianapolis And Beyond, Where Nobody Knows Your Name Gives Readers An Intimate Look At A Baseball World Not Normally Seen By The Fans John Feinstein Gets To The Heart Of The Human Stories In A Uniquely Compelling Way, Crafting A Masterful Book That Stands Alongside His Very Best Works Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life In the Minor Leagues of Baseball (English Edition)

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