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I ve been a New York Mets fan since 1969 I grew up in Queens, NY about a mile from Shea Stadium and attended my first Met game in 1970 when Tommy Agee literally hit the scoreboard with a home run I ll never forget But even if I weren t a fan of the Mets since childhood, I would be a fan of R.A Dickey, whose extraordinarily moving and honest and inspiring memoir with the brilliant double entendre title WHEREVER I WIND UP simply K s the baffled reader.The book co written with Wayne Coffey is a mesmerizing and baffling butterfly floater all its own and I simply cannot recommend it and it s author enough The honesty with which the humble Dickey depicts his own struggles is utterly disarming and to know the painful humblings that he went through to get where he is today as of this writing he is the winning est pitcher in MLB and yesterday threw his second one hitter of the week sic makes it hard not to root for him, whether you are a Met fan or aren t.When the Mets were amazing the world with their sudden ascent in the fall of 1969, they were called the Miracle Mets It was even said that God wore a NY Mets uniform That may not be true, but it s obvious that one of His humble servants does wear one, at least for now I, for one, am grateful that he does God bless R.A Dickey As a big Mets fan who already thinks that RA Dickey is about the coolest player we ve ever had, I eagerly looked forward to this book s release and was not disappointed He s the rare athlete who sounds as though he d be just as comfortable discussing Hemingway or Chaucer as he would be discussing getting opposing hitters out.But this book isn t intended to flaunt his eloquence or his reading list, he s not interested in showing the reader how smart he is This is the most mature, soul baring autobiography memoir by an athlete I ve ever read, perhaps one of the most open and honest by any writer, athlete or not Dickey allows himself to open up about situations in which he was pained and vulnerable, admits horrible mistakes, questions his own judgment, and demonstrates that he fully understands how imperfect he is and how he works every day to improve himself in every aspect of his life Being that he makes a living at something characterized by braggadocio, privilege and an enormously inflated sense of self importance, his perspective and self awareness are beyond refreshing, they re uplifting He is a deeply religious man, but he has been humbled too many times to be at all self righteous I m not giving the book 5 stars because it s the greatest book ever written, not saying he s Dostoyevsky or something, but for its particular niche, it s amazing.Heck, I d even recommend this book to Yankees and Phillies fans The ones who can read, that is I have no interest in baseball, but I heard R.A Dickey interviewed on Fresh Air a couple years ago, and found him interesting and engaging I also became very curious to try and understand the knuckleball The book is just as interesting and engaging I lived in Nashville for a couple years, so was familiar with the areas, and schools he referenced The story of his molestation as a child is horrific one of his abusers was his 13 year old female babysitter There are a couple places where it gets a little too bogged down in describing plays in a game for my taste, but it s 98% totally engaging And while he does reveal a lot about his family and his life, you are left wanting to know , which indicates that it s a good book. Wherever I End Up My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball is an honest and open look at the life of Robert Allen Dickey, from his childhood through his professional life as a Major League Baseball Player.Coming from a poor, broken family, R.A Dickey reveals that he was sexually molested as a child One individual was a trusted babysitter and the first instance occurs in the sitter s room while Dickey s mother was downstairs.The description of Dickey s childhood was gut wrenching for me personally But despite having the odds against him, R.A Dickey eventually became a major league pitcher In this book, he shares a lot of sports stories He talks about having his signing bonus with the Texas Rangers drop down to ten percent of the original offer when it was discovered that Dickey is missing a ligament in his throwing elbow He talks about his first major league game, where A Rod winds up throwing the game ball into the stands He also recalls the meeting where Buck Showalter asked him to reinvent himself as a knuckleball pitcher.Wherever I End Up My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball is an inspirational tale of a man s perseverance and finally finding a home with a major league baseball team. With A New Epilogue By Author RA Dickey, Winner Of The Cy Young Award An Astounding Memoirhaunting And Touching, Courageous And Wise Jeremy Schaap, Bestselling Author, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, ESPNIn , RA Dickey Was The Texas Rangers Much Heralded No Draft Choice Then, A Routine Physical Revealed That His Right Elbow Was Missing Its Ulnar Collateral Ligament, And His Lifelong Dreamalong With His , Signing Bonuswas Ripped Away Yet, Despite Twice Being Consigned To Baseballs Scrap Heap, Dickey Battled Back Sustained By His Christian Faith, The Love Of His Wife And Children, And A Relentless Quest For Self Awareness, Dickey Is Now The Starting Pitcher For The Toronoto Blue Jays He Was Previously A Star Pitcher For The New York Mets And One Of The National Leagues Premier Players, As Well As The Winner Of The Cy Young AwardIn Wherever I Wind Up, Dickey Eloquently Shares His Quintessentially American Tale Of Overcoming Extraordinary Odds To Achieve A Game, A Career, And A Life Unlike Any Other I hope he publishes an addendum to the book When the book was over I was like, where s the rest It was definitely heartfelt and very courageous of him I sincerely hope it did for him what he needed it too I hope it inspires other victims of child sexual abuse to tell there stories and to see that just because this bad thing happened to you, you are not worthless and your life does have meaning and you can aspire and achieve greatness in spite of it God Bless you R.A. Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball book, this is one of the most wanted R.A Dickey author readers around the world.

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