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White Heat: The Extreme Skiing Life An excellent read giving a glimpse at ski culture I have been a ski patroller in the Midwest for over twenty years, doing it full time for the last seven years I know patrollers that drive three hours to volunteer to patrol or drive all night to allow their children to race in the Upper Pennisula, MI.To the best of my knowledge I have never met the author but I have skied Park City, The Canyons, Alta and other areas I have stood in the patrol hut at the top of Jupiter lift with twenty five other patrollers performing an avalanche rescue drill on West Face Getting from the hut to the avalanche site meant skiing the ridge in a sixty mile per hour whiteout.The author accurately portrays the thought processes on rescues and opening and closing sweeps.The author also gives a good representation of the various aspect of other snowsports including racing and snowboarding.The author fails to inform the reader of the many mundane actions a patroller performs including the paperwork after the care for the injured has been transferred Each incident requires an incident report and usually an investigation While not part of the glamour and adrenaline, it is a vital part of the incident follow up. An Evaluation Of The Practice Of Extreme Skiing By The National Ski Patrol Emergency Worker And Author Of Don T Think Twice Describes The Sport S Competitions And Death Defying Challenges While Citing The Achievements Of Such Athletes As Jerry Martin, Vinko Bogata, And Shake McConkey The first reviewer is right the writting is not world class but the book is fun It is good ski porn mind candy Not a classic So keep that in mind. The book I bought was supposed to be new, but it had a marker stripe down the top edge, and folded over pages It didn t look new, and I can t return it I need to mail it as a gift tomorrow for it to get to its destination for Christmas I love to buy used books But I wanted to give a new book as a gift this time. I have enjoyed Wayne s books before, especially the one on motorcycling He writes with humor, grace, and the joy of participating in motor sports and skiing An easy engaging read.

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