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Year of the Dog: How Running Dogs Saved My Life From Year Of The Dog To Say That Dogs Saved My Life May Sound Trite To Some It May Sound Like I Am Overstating To Others Or Being Dramatic But If Not For The Dream Of Dogs, The Company Of Dogs, The Help Of Dogs, The Beauty Of The Dogs, I Am Sure I Would Be Here Today, But I Am Not Sure I Would Be Alive Have You Ever Had A Problem So Large, So Confounding, Sitting Right In Front Of You That It Just Didn T Seem Possible To Solve, Ever I Relaxed A Little And Tried To Enjoy The Scenery Through Some Of The Race Which Was Like Just A Tour For Me Now Since I Was So Far Behind We Approached One Right Turn And A Called Out A Hearty Gee And Let Up Off My Brake, Which I Normally Do To Control The Sled Better Through Turns Unfortunately, This Part Of The Trail Turned Into A Plowed, Icy Road Mid Way Through The Turn And Just As I Thought I Was Done, My Sled Swung Way Out Into The Road I Fell Over In A Spectacular Fashion, Dragging Through Ice And Snow For Several Yards Before The Team Graciously Stopped And Allowed Me To Get Back On The Sled Just As I Got Upright, I Had To Smile At The Photographer Who Was Waiting For Us At The Side Of The Trail Michelle Kennedy Is The Author Of Books Including, Without A Net Middle Class And Homeless With Kids In America, Published By Viking More Of Her Work Can Be Found Online At Mishahogan

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